Offshore Tried something new and it paid off Sunday on the BF


Oct 20, 2012
Orange, CA USA
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FLYTIE.... brother if your doing the "extra credit" work... like your post says.... I would be hoping to see more success stories from you and your adventures with the "toys". You know us here on BD.... inquiring minds want to know..right.

For the last 2 or 3 months.... been putting a bug into people's ears about trying the many different approaches to BFT fishing. Not just the ....sometimes effective..... Run and Gun style.

BFT can be effectively taken many ways, if you know what signs to look for. I'm with you.... I bring the kitchen sink.... and respond "on the fly". Anyways.... I'm thankful for your patience and ask that you share a little next time you have success with those S. CAL. Non Traditional Take THANKS FOR sharing....and the encouragement brother. Good luck and be safe.
I mostly keep things on the DL. Not the bragging type.

First saw this in action fishing Costa Rica/Los Suenos. The spreads worked for Marlin, Sails and YF Tuna. They used dead stick Ballyhoo, some teasers, feathers and a 2x4 for a top water racket maker.

For those that want to learn: Hawaiian style outriggers on small boats by Precision Marine. Get some. That was a Jimmy Decker hook up (credit completely goes to his advise on this one).

Reads: Old Fred Archer books, and check out east coast style trolling. Salt Water Sportsman has an article on spreads just about every issue (Florida Mag).

Downrigger: Not as much success but still tweaking my technique. Old Penn manual downrigger given to me by a buddy. No more cable, only braid. One on each side of the boat. Seahorse makes the parts. Blowback is my current issue but still tweaking.

Edit: I think the reason trolling isn't as big a deal here is threefold. 1) they don't have access to live bait back east as we do here. 2) there aren't many committed to working a spread so there isn't someone to learn from. 3) run and gun has more adrenaline filled moments followed by heart break (no fish on a paddy, to bites on a boil) where trolling can be hours/days of mundane droning of the engine before a hook up.
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