Offshore Tribute 6/21 BFT



  • Jun 26, 2014
    San Diego
    s and hoes
    Booked an overnight last minute aboard the tribute for Thursday night with a friend. Got to the zone around 3-4 am and started looking for schools. Stopped on one of the many big kelps in the area and a guy got one small yellow. Found a bird school around 8-9 am, got them boiling on our chum, and drifted with the fish the rest of the morning all the way into late afternoon.

    The first couple hours I was trying to get bit on my 60lb setup but couldn’t make it happen. Because this was a last minute trip, and I was unprepared I made a big mistake and grabbed the only other rod I had with me to drop down to 40lb test. Phenix 909xhj with a Daiwa saltist 35 bg. Got bit finally on 40lb mono top shot (no flouro) and the fish kicked my ass for about an hour. Took me around the boat about 6 times and was down to a few wraps of spectra twice. Drag buttoned as tight as it would go.

    Luckily I was able to get it in the death circle in the corner on the stern and on the 3rd or 4th pinwheel, deckie stuck it. Very fortunate to have landed the fish. When it hit the deck, the 3/0 circle hook fell out.

    Advice I can give is to start with 40 to get a bite. They wouldn’t touch 60 or even 50. And if you have a two speed 40lb outfit that would definitely be a better choice than my dumbass decision to pull on a fish of this size for an hour on a long rod and a 6.4-1 small single speed.

    Found a couple schools of boiling yellowfin in the afternoon that were boat shy and didn’t hook any of those. But there are a ton of these schools of mid grade bluefin in the zone right now.

    Can’t say enough good things about the crew. From the galley to the captain. Very young, fun and hungry group. Can’t wait to come back in a month for the seeker two day.

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    May 16, 2009
    ramona /ca/usa
    yak and lowe duck hunting skiff but they identify as sportfishing crusiers
    as the skipper of the tomahawk will tell you....77 pounds...hey next time try to get more blood on the deck!

    Somewhere between 70-80lb I think. Cookie cutters, all fish on the boat within 10lbs of each other

    hilarious that with the fishing we have today that we get to call a 10# spread cookie cutters
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