Transducer Questions, B150M, B141L, HDS12 Gen2 Touch, Structure Scan


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May 19, 2005
San Diego
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1986 Cabo 216 / 165 Hyrda-Sport / Scupper Classic
Okay so,
In laws got a new boat. It has ancient electronics, but a few 'newer' transducers that were installed a few years ago and never hooked up.

It has a pair of B141L 455/800 (000-10949-001) transducers port and starboard.

It has a B150M 12degree chirp.

I'm upgrading my other center console from a Lowrance HDS12 Gen2 Touch and am thinking of putting it on the in laws boat. From my research it should be able to run the pair of 141L ducers with the use of a sonar module? LSS-2 Structure Scan Module?

Does anyone know if the HDS12 Gen2 Touch will be able to use the B150M? On the airmar xreference list it says the B150M can be used on the Carbon and the Hook, but doesn't list the Gen2...

I was hoping for some help with ID ing which sonar module I should use to pair the B141L pair via Ycable; AND does the B150M go directly to the back of the HDS Gen2 or do all three ducers go to the module and just yellow ethernet to the HDS Gen 2?

Thank you for all the help....




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