torium 30 and avet mxl w/calstar rod!


Sep 15, 2010
Culver City, CA
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Hey Everyone,

Trying to downsize on some fishing gear. I have 2 things for sale:

1. Shimano Torium 30 spooled with 50lb Spectra. I've used this reel maybe 2x in the past 3 years. I just had it fully serviced. Mechanically 10/10. Cosmetically 8.5/10, there's a patch of boat rash on the left side plate. Free spools like a dream! Asking $130.

2. Avet MXL (silver) spooled with 20lb P Line blue. Cosmetically I'd give it a 6/10 as I've used this reel extensively and it shows. Mechanically, I'd give it a 8.5/10. Only reason being is that the last time it was serviced was about a year ago but everything runs smooth and it free spools like a champ. The rod it comes attached with is a Calstar West Coast 270 7C. I bought the rod used so it def shows some wear. It's a great live bait setup!

Here's the problem. I can't remove the rod from the reel. Trust me, I've tried everything to try and remove the screw to separate the rod and reel. Asking $175 for the setup, as is.

If you take both, we can work something out. Call me at 562-743-2197. I live in cerritos near the 91 and 605. Thanks guys!



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