Top Gun 80 2.5 day (9/29)


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Mar 27, 2008
San Diego, CA
17' Arima Sea Angler
we left right at 7pm for the long ride down. the seas were calm and spirits high. we woke friday morning and the offshore weather report was mostly wrong (shocking). the swells were mixed and large as they predicted 10+, but the wind was way up 20+. it was fish-able but not comfortable. we had a couple of yft on jig stops, 1 that turned into a few bait fish, but we couldn't get the tuna to chew. after checking many empty paddies we did find a couple holding many small yt. yt on light tackle saved the day. captain taft put us in position and set the sea anchor to try again in the morning.

woke just after 0530 and the weather didn't seem much better. had that feeling of a long boat ride until captain taft descended the pilot house, brailed a few baits, and the stern erupted. i had a couple bft in the kill-box before it was light outside. after the chaos and everyone still sleeping calmed down, we made our way in search of paddies. The wind calmed a bit and the clouds parted, it didn't take long, the first paddy showed signs of tuna but the yt were so so thick we just couldn't get to the them. The next large paddy was the answer. small yt turned into decent yt turned into bft. we tried as best we could to plug the kill box, and the counts don't reflect the quality of the bite. lots of farmed fish. the drift lasted for a couple hours and was pretty much the day. we had another jig stop which turned into a few bait bft, and nothing more as we headed for home.

-very fishable boat, very clean and comfortable
-78 year old man grinding on a 30+lb yft in the stern corner
-second captain hart, barefoot on the bait tanks, brailing through the swells, while most of us were pinned to the rails or falling into each other
-bft in the dark to start the day
-captain taft hooking bft at the rail with ease

-not introducing anybody new, to sportfishing. this is as good as it gets.
-couple newbies first time experience will be hard to repeat, doesn't seem right.

overall, solid trip. excellent boat. great group of passengers. we were somewhere south of the 30 and west of the 117 in 68 degree water. limits on yt, ~70 bft, ~15 yft, ~2 dodo, 1 skippie.

don't know how long it will last, but if you haven't got out, nows a good time, there is an actual pelagic season. pay the good will forward and jump on a boat to support our fleet.

thanks top gun 80.