Offshore Tomahawk 1.5 day Sat. 7/10


Fishn' Frank
  • Jul 6, 2006
    San Clemente
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    Fished the Tomahawk for the first time that left Fri night with load of 30 . They had their sonar go out the day before and had to have it replaced and tested prior to departure so a bit of a late start. We baited up and headed west, the fish that were there the day had moved on. We made a run north just inside of SCI. We got to the zone around noon and stated metering fish. We landed our first fish around 12:30 that fish went for around 30#. I hooked up a better grade fish on a 9' M/H Teramar, Trinidad 16a with 40# braid and a 30# flouro 5' leader with a size 2 "J" ringed circle hook on a fly lined but hooked dean and got punished. It took me around the boat a few times and about 30 minutes later a 50# class Bluefin hit the deck. Ideally a small 2 speed would be the call for these school sized fish... During that time we hooked and landed a 220# kite fish and 130# sinker rig fish. We moved from meter mark to meter mark picking off a few fish at at each stop. I hooked 6 more fish, handed off 3, and lost the other 3 due to pulled hooks and a chew off. Other people boated 6-8, in the 15-25# class. The 30# flouro line and small hooks was the ticket during the day. I landed on one fish on 40# but that was later in the day. No fish on Snipers or jigs.

    Night time was different. These fish were all over 150# and mean. Other passengers landed 5 or 6 on knife jigs. They bit the 400g the best. There was a bit of wind/current and anything lighter just wasn't getting into the zone as well. A few of these battles went for over 2 hours with several crew members putting the wood to these fish. One fish toasted the low gear of a Penn fathom 40 but they still got the fish.

    Overall it was a long day of allot of bait changes and rail time to get a few fish. Others weren't so lucky and went home empty handed. I kept one fish and gave the others away.

    Capt. Mike is driven to catch fish. Wether it's 2pm or 2pm. He has the same amount of passion for putting his passengers on fish. We ended up with 16 fish with half of them over 150#+.

    In the harbor we saw a sub being escorted by a few navy patrol boats. Pretty cool. Tried to post pictures of the fish and sub video but I'm having upload issues. There are tons of fish out there. Just a matter of time before they get settled in and start to chew again.

    Tight lines...