Capt. Scott Goodwin

Capt. Scott Goodwin
Jan 11, 2007
Merritt Island, Florida
Capt. Scott Goodwin
Morgan 24, Glasser 16'8
A recent father and son fishing trip became one to remember recently in the Florida Keys. Jeff Deloche and his son Myles were on Day 3 of a mangrove snapper fishing binge when they had a tiger shark come to their chum bag and proceed to check them out for over an hour in six feet of water.


We almost didn’t go but decided to try and go out with a bang and catch some mangroves as it was the last day of our 3-day trip,” said Jeff. “The tiger shark stayed with us for about an hour and mouthed the chum basket …… the trim tab and the lower unit of the motor during its 20 passes of coming right up to the boat. Oddly enough after fishing the same area for 3 days and seeing 0 sharks, we also had a very big lemon and 2 medium lemons come in while the tiger shark was there ……. we pulled 8 mangoes and one nice yellowtail in through the ball of sharks and had the boat back by 4. It...

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