Tiburon 7530 Quick Change Lever Drag Reel


Fish or Die
Sep 8, 2013
Orange County
I wish...as in, I wish I had a boat.
Up for sale is a Tiburon Quick Change Lever Drag reel....Beautiful tank of a reel.

Comes with two sets of gears, 4.7:1 and a 3.3:1. Gear sets can be swapped out in about 5 minutes..."Quick Change"

Reel is in excellent mechanical condition. 9 out of 10.

New spool bearings, lubed with TSI 321, roughly one (1) minute of freespool (with line on reel).

NO Clamp Assembly Included.

Cosmetically: 7-8 out of 10

Some light scratches from normal use, and a little bit of pitting around the holes for the rod clamp studs, but not too bad, anodizing still looks great.


$220 Shipped

$200 Meetup near Long Beach

Shipped via USPS Priority Mail, Insured w/ Tracking.

Payment via PayPal, or cash on meetup.

**The reel can also be sent off to Tiburon in Santa Ana, Ca and upgraded to the SST Smart Shift reel. I called last week, and was quoted $250 for upgrading the reel to Smart Shift...that would be a sweet wahoo reel. I have NO connection to Tiburon or the upgrading, just wanted to put it out there for an interested buyer.

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