Offshore Thur 29- 9 mile bank


mezr 2ice

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Oct 12, 2004
Fallbrook, CA
26 Twin Vee Express
Left SD bay and headed to the lower 9, didn't see much so turned towards the 43 fathom and after a few miles stopped on a paddy. Started pulling rat yellows off it and my buddy spots a yellowfin boiling. Threw some chum and end up getting 3 on bait. We were fishing #25 to #20 fluoro with small hooks just cause that is what everyone is recommending, don't know if they would have bitten anything else. By this time conditions had gone from dead calm to a stiff breeze out of the West and the radio chatter was blowing up about a wide open bite on the upper 9. Set a course for the 9 and threw out 2 feathers and a cedar plug. About a mile from the fleet the cedar plug starts screaming and we put another yellowfin in the box. Set up a drift a respectable distance from others and put 7 more YFT in the boat all on bait. We were bleeding and gutting the fish as we got them and seemed to get bit every time we chunked with the guts. Also kept a steady sardine chunk going too. It got pretty windy and choppy as the day progressed and we ended up heading in around 2pm. Total count 11YFT and 5 rat yellows. We only planned on keeping a couple of the yt but they were swallowing the small hooks and coming in bleeding.
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