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Feb 4, 2003
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In our industry there are a few legends that have been with us over the years. A few select people who have shaped our industry. One in particular that some would say is the voice of sportfishing. I grew up watching his shows, his voice narrated the scenes, he told the story. A voice to this day most will recognize, Michael Fowlkes. Michael’s show Inside Sportfishing was the most influential television show for a 27 year run. Michael was a pioneer in conservation with his closing statement in every episode, “We all share one planet, one ocean and have only one chance, so do your part, make a difference, practice CPR, Catch, Photograph and Release.” Which at the time was revolutionary and is considered common practice with many species now.

We are proud to announce the world premier of a sneak preview sizzle reel from Inside Sportfishing Films upcoming epic 10-hour 10-part documentary series entitled A Tribute to the History of Sportfishing. This will take place at the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Show Saturday March 4th, on the mega screen inside the Hangar Building. The reel will be playing throughout the show from 10am till 7pm. You will not want to miss this amazing premier of a film series that will go down as one of the best preservations of our history as fisherman and the sport we love.

A Michael Fowlkes Film

Please join us and the Michael Fowlkes, Inside Sportfishing Productions Premiere of A Tribute to the History of Sportfishing at the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Tackle, Boat, Travel and Outdoors Show presented by Cutwater Spirits March 2,3,4,5 as we take over the OC Fair and Event Center with everything you love about fresh and saltwater fishing and the outdoors. The show is all 7 exhibit halls of the OC Fairgrounds as well as the giant main mall. 217,000 sq Ft, 5 acres of the best in fresh and saltwater fishing tackle, fishing destinations, and fishing boats!

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  • Apr 14, 2013
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    This should be good!! I've met Michael over at Avalon a couple of times and he is super nice guy with a lot of knowledge.
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    Literally the Saturday AM show, every week, we watched as kids, dreaming of a cow on a stand up rod “West Coast Style” and a Braid harness. Long range dreams. Still love the episodes.
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  • Aug 11, 2006
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    Michael and Inside Sportfishing were must see TV. Many of us grew old watching it.
    A great guy. Still finishing the book he wrote I bought at an earlier PCS Show. LOL
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