They're snapping at SCI - Fortune 6/19 - pics heavy


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Dec 21, 2006
San Clemente
30' Albemarle
Short Story - 43 yellows up to 34 lbs, limits of calicos all the way around - non stop action on another great charter on the Fortune with 17 anglers.

We left 22nd Street landing early at 8:30 pm to go make squid at Catalina on our way to San Clemente Island. Stopped at the receiver for bait, all they had were small anchovies so we took a few and headed to Catalina. Shortly after stopping at Catalina and putting the lights in, the squid came up in ridiculous numbers and floated. All bait tanks were quickly filled, and a trash can was partially filled for chum and fresh dead.

We anchored up at 4:45 am and literally within seconds we had our first barracuda, whitefish and calicos coming over the rail. Couldn't get the yellowtail to go very well then, but we did manage a nice 31 lb toad in the early gray on a live squid. After about 2 hours in that area, we made a very short move and found some current. There the yellows started to bite well and build, we spent the rest of the day at that spot. The yellows were boiling on the chum, and mixed in size. There were a number of rat 4 - 6 pounds, a whole bunch to 15 lbs. and then a couple of toads to 34 lbs. The calico bite was WFO as well, everyone who wanted a limit of keepers had their limit, and we released countless calicos. I caught 5 calicos on the yo yo iron, 5 on the surface iron, and 14 on bait. Literally every cast was a bite from about 8:00 am to when we left at 2:00 pm - the only question is whether it would be a yellowtail or a calico. The seals were off the hook, I would estimate that 1 out of every 3 yellows hooked was lost to the dogs.

On the way back we saw terns working at the Mackerel Bank and Avalon Bank, and a huge school of bonito with a hundred terns on them just off the slide off Catalina. A short distance away there were seiners and a spotter plane working. Wished we had the time and fin bait to fish those spots, I should have booked Bruce for a 2 day charter instead!

Captain Bruce Smith and his crew did a fantastic job as usual. Those guys are pros, really enjoy fishing that boat with a light load of talented anglers.

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PaDDy Killer'

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May 9, 2008
Santa Clarita
Parker 2520 & 17' Whaler
Great report! Good to see the guy in good spirit after loosing a yellow to a dog. Looks like a day at Cedros with all the calico/yellows.


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Mar 18, 2014
very nice ,i was out there on pac star.we got squid first time i ever saw that it was cool.