Offshore The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat


Jun 10, 2006
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Flash back three years on the Old Glory I got picked up on a 60 lb fluorocarbon rubber band sinker set up. These blue fin were 150 lb. Six were hooked up on the boat and only one landed with the help of the crew. Mine was cut off on the prop after a 2 hr fight after it went under the boat. I had too light of a set up to put enough pressure on the the agony!! After that trip I bought heavier rods and reels. No way was I going to bring a knife to a gunfight! Flash back three weeks ago.......booked a trip on the Condor. Only 17 blue fin were caught. I was very fortunate and lucky and landed a 100+ blue fin on my upgraded gear with 80 lb fluorocarbon. Aw.... the thrill of redemption and victory........ flashback two days ago....decided to take my good friend out on my boat to the parking lot up North. Got some awesome bait and was fishing by 9 a.m. every cattle boat was there all spread out along with private boats. After fishing for two hours with no luck we came up on two large kelp kelp paddies that we’re spread apart and figured they had already been hit pretty hard but we baited up our gear figuring there might be a stray yellow or two. I was using my torium 20 with a Phoenix 30-60 with Blackwater 35 lb florocarbon on a owner size 2 mutu circle hook. Awesome set up!!! I butt hooked a sardine and immediately got picked up. The skunk is off the boat!!! Well not really..... the reel starts dumping big time and I realize I hooked a blue fin. Al starts the boat up and we get most of our line back. For every 6 inches of line we would crank, the fish would take 12 inches. Eventually we would have to back down on the fish to get our line back. This went on for two hours. Time for plan B. We realized our light set up was not boating this beast. We put the rod on the rail and as Al cranked, I pulled line to him with my hands. This was working. I managed to reach the mono and kept pulling as Al cranked. It was easier with the mono as I could get a better grip. I had 2 gaffs ready with a tail rope as we anticipated color soon. We were stoked and ready to end the fight. 5 min earlier I noticed the fish was at 75 ft on my fish finder. All of sudden it was harder for me to pull and the pole goes bendo and Ping KA Pow!!!! Our trophy is gone and the agony of defeat is overwhelming....we stared at each other for 5 seconds with our mouths drooped open.....Our knife lost the gunfight.....we moped around for awhile and eventually started fishing again. Later as we headed back to San Diego with the skunk on the boat, I realized losing that fish was really much more than a victory than a defeat. It was an awesome fight and experience. it just goes to show
never know what lurks under a kelp might need a gun.........thanks for reading my winded post.........Jughead......


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  • Aug 11, 2006
    Costa Mesa
    Bummer, well great report and info, and a great read sitting here with right thumb cast after surgery a week ago. Get back out!! You'll be better prepared!
    I think we have some tough bluefin bust of tales for sure. LOL

    OUCH....BEEN last a 100lb Yellowfin on 40lb Izorline, Calstar 700MH, Avet LX...on Condor...just as ol Rob-Marmaduke ready to gaff....came unbutton. Was worse after seeing it. LOL
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