The Surf Break Was On Fire!🔥 Kayak Fishing Dana Point

Jan 11, 2009
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This Video is from Saturday, April 17 2021, and It’s appropriately called Round Three!

The Leopard Shark have been very active lately and kept me busy. Just about every fish that swims in the surf came out to play. The week before I got my first legal Halibut at 22” and this week I found another keeper Butt!

After picking up some sardines at the bait barge I headed over to Doheny beach. Kei, Long, and Phyl were fishing the beach too. I had a great time fishing with you guys!There were quite a few other guys giving it a go as well.

(I get lots of questions asking me about what kind of set up I fish use.

The majority of the time I use a sliding egg sinker, bead and 1/0 light wire circle hook.

The weight depends on the depth, current, and bait that I’m using. I was using a half ounce egg sinker.

Currently I’m based out Dana Point harbor, and I launch from Pure Watersports where I store my kayak. There’s also free parking and launching at baby beach in the back of the harbor, or you can launch at the boat ramp $$.)

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Sep 20, 2005
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The underwater release shots are great. Thanks for posting. I always enjoy reports from my home port.
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