The San Fransiscan


Sep 5, 2015
Brookings, Southern Oregon
21 Arima Ranger 'HogFish'
The day finally arrived for Jonathan's Knob Hill estate inheritance to clear probate. The next day he bought a pickup truck and headed north out to the high desert of Eastern Oregon. His dream had always been to buy a cattle ranch and become a rancher. Not having any contacts he arrives in a small town and heads for the saloon to meet the locals. After pulling up to the bar he announces "Howdy I am here to buy a ranch and if any of you fellers know of one thats for sale then i'd be mighty obliged". A weathered old cowboy down the line replies "welcome to Burns. I'm Buck and yes I know of a few. If you want I could take you out for a drive tomorrow to show you around" So early the next next morning Buck rolls up in his jeep and picks up Jonathan at the motel. They drove for hours on dirt roads looking at expanses of sage brush that were available to buy. On the way back Buck comes around a turn and on the bottom of the hill is a young heifer with her head and horns all tangled up in a barbed wire fence. Old Buck looks over at Jonathan and says "this is too good an opportunity to pass up". He gets out of the jeep and walks up to the heifer and drops his britches to give her a good work over. He then steps back, and while pulling up his britches he yells over to Jonathan " You wanna give it a go boy?" Jonathan acts a bit sheepish at first and then calls back "well, well yes, but do I have to put head in the barbed wire?"
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