The Overlooked Trynos?

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Jan 2, 2005
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After we had the Trinidad series for years, Shimano came out with the Toriums. Not as extensive in number of sizes, but they did add two more a while ago, the 14 and then at the other end, the 50; and why they skipped the 40, I have no idea. It was a lower cost, higher affordability line of reels that sold and still, I assume, sells pretty well.

After the TLD two speed line of graphite reels and the Tiagra Tanks, has come a line of affordable two speeds that preceeded the Talica. Tyrnos comes to us in several sizes from 8 all the way up to 50, in both single speed and two speed models.

Looks to me like they changed some things with the Talica, especially the drag and the shifter. They look awesome, and some of the guys were fishing them on my last trip, an 8 day in October on Shogun. But this is about Tyrnos.

I got myself a Shimano Tyrnos 12II a year and a half ago. Filled it with 60 lb JB Hollow and set it up to fish places like Alijos in the Spring and Lupe in late Summer. Didn't get much work with it last year, as the offshore tuna were Bluefin for our June trip and we fished them with 25-30 lb line, fluorocarbon leaders, and small hooks, and I fished the Yellows on yoyo iron and the surface plug. None of the other trips I was on presented an opportunity to fish this reel in its niche.

But this year, I got to use it and caught lots of fish with it. That was on my August 4 day on Searcher. Kicked ass with this littel reel on the Bluefin offshore, and then at Lupe on those nicer grade 50-55 lb Yellowfin. Then I did that 8 day on Shogun and at Alijos, I wanted to stay with the heavier gear so I fished 50 lb and my go to for that was the TLD20II. I did change the topshot on the Tyrnos from 40 to 50 lb on our last day of fishing, but was a little uneasy fishing the long soak with less than 300 yards of line on the reel. Still, had plenty of tuna for the RSW. I was impressed, however with the fact that I could get 15 lbs of drag at strike from this reel and still had good freespool.

What I noticed was that the guys fishing the smaller reels with the lighter spools were getting bit better as it's easier for the Sardine to pull the line off those reels than off my big old TLD20II. Also, the casting of the Tyrnos was a breeze and it outcast the TLD20II, all day long.

So, I'm sending my TLD20II to Hawk to see if he can improve the freespool on it with the drag set at 15-18 lbs at strike. Then it will become my 100+ lb fish reel for the long soak with 50 lb and 60 lb short 25' fluorcarbon wind-ons.

But for that niche where you need to present that Sardine on the long soak in those touchy bites, I ordered a TYR16II. It arrived last weekend and on Sunday over a cup of coffee and some football, I took it apart to have a look. Initially, I was a little bummed about the freespool, but thought it might be due to the mass of the larger spool. That, and the frame width are the differences bwtween the 12 and the 16 size. Right side plate guts are the same. Shimano has some great maintenance instructions on their website, under the Customer Service tab.


Here's the one for Trolling Reels - Two Speed and Single Speed. Two Speed and Single Speed (2 pages).pdf

Turns out the reel they chose for the two page PDF was the Tyrnos20II. Similar enough to my two reels to make it very helpful. The first tricky part is removing the Push Button Shield and Slide Plate. There's this small compression spring on the Slide Plate that likes to go "Boing" so you need to be careful with that. Also, putting that back together is a little troublesome, but if you're patient, it's no big deal. These parts are a lot like the shifting mechanism on the old TLD Two Speed models. Here's a link to the Schematic for the TYR16II. Spring is key #970.

Shimano stops with the removal of the cooling shield and its 6 tiny little screws. If you pull two more screws out, from the other end of the spool assembly, you can remove the clicker gear, key #1166, and some other parts until you get to where you can remove the cross pin, key #826, and then you can remove the entire spool shaft to get to all three of the bearings.

I found something kind of goofy; one of the three spool bearings was greased and the other two were olied. I cleaned those up and olied them with a shot of Corrosion-X. There was also a tiny metal shaving between the pressure release spring and the two right side ball bearings, key #1161 and #1162.

That's about it except for following the rest of the instructions regarding cleaning and reassembly. Since mine was a brand new reel, all I had to do was button it up. Quite a difference with the freespool after degreasing and oiling the bearings. I now get a much better spool spin with the drag set at strike. I plan on filling this reel with some 80 lb Berkley Hollow that I have and then I'll splice in about ten feet of 80 lb JB Hollow and put a loop in that. I expect to get about 400 yards on it if I fill it to the top of the spool and then I 'll be set to fish that 50 lb short 25' wind-on. I think this reel will be going on a Seeker CJBF65H rod that I built for myself several years ago. Killer rod for pulling on tuna. I'll get a chance to try it out in June on the Angler on my next scheduled trip, the 7 day Zuker / G Loomis trip.

So, there you have it. An affordable alternative to the Accurates, Avets, and Talicas, that performs very well, at least the TYR12II has for me, and I expect the same results from the TYR16II.
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May 19, 2006
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I too have the tyrnos12 2 loaded with 300 yds. spectra,and it lost it's virginity as a pitchback mack reel fishing the east cape,claiming a 30lb dodo and a 64lb yellowfin.The mexicans knew that would be the ticket,and the reel performed flawlessly.Great drag and free spool.

One thing that bothers me about shimano,they will put the reel up for rebate price,leave it hang there,and then discontinue warranty after a few years,sending you out to aftermarket.I love their service,and don't know the fate of the tyrnos,but will ask before I buy another.

Right now they are a great bang for the buck,and steve is right on getting that extra free spool,because thats where these babies shine.
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  • Mar 7, 2008
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    I picked up a new 16II in the box for $200. Took the reel to Cal's for a going through. 485 yards of 85lb solid spectra. When Cal got done going through the reel feel spool is awesome, 18lb of drag at strike. I also put a long handle on it. I'm going to swap frames to a 12II parts are only a $100. The 16 seems to wide for me. Took the reel to Lupe over the summer caught a couple of yellow in the 85# range worked great. I like it better than my HX due to the lower gearing.
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    Oct 1, 2009
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    I sent my Trynos 30 to Cal Sheets. They were able to blue print the reel to get about 22lb of drag at strike with better free spool. No I fish it as my 80 lb toll / dropper loop set.

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