The Original Rockaway 10' & 12' Surf Rods!

Scuba Chris

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  • May 17, 2016
    Kapolei, HI
    Christopher Takahashi
    Christina Ann
    Original Review of The Rockaway Surf Rods!

    The first Rockaway Surf Rods & the original Azores Spinning Reel (now super-seeded by the Blue Azores). This great line of Surf Rods were developed by John Bretza of Okuma for the Sea Perch anglers off the Oregon coastline. Became an instant success not only for the Sea Perchers but also the cold water Fluke fishermen to the whippers (spin casters) of the Hawaiian Islands.

    Since its introduction a different inception started with the Nesika Surf Rods. Same blanks as the Rocks but different componentry to reduce weight & MSRP. Again instant success. So Okuma introduced the POWER HORSE of the Rockaway lineage with the Rockaway HD line-up. I myself fell in love with these power-horses! I use the 9'6" for popping lures to the 12' rated at 6-16oz for power casting the strongest spinning reel on Earth, the Makaira (per Alan Hawk review). Finally an ultra-light version was introduced in 2021. The SP. Two rods at 8'6" at only 4oz & 4.4oz.

    Currently i use all the Rocks! Day whipping the originals & night whipping the Nesikas to power casting the HD's! For UL fun i use the SP's. So what else is coming?

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