Dirty Fisherman
Jun 19, 2006
Lakeside Ranch
Wellcraft V-20, 200 hp etec, 85' Holiday sportfisher
Reminder to bring: tables, chairs, sunscreen, megaphones, vhf handheld radios, posters, whistles, and well-decorated vehicle! Bring your cheerleaders to line the streets holding posters cheering us on! Bring your items for the potluck including serving utensils!

Show up by 9 and be ready to get in line for the caravan, leaving at 10 am sharp

Be sure that all your stuff is legal - registration, license, lights working, etc.

Remember, this is an awareness event, we will hand out flyers, stickers and inform about the Sept. 10th mtg. participation.

Seee you in the morning!

10-4,,,,,over and out....

Thanks for all you do maggs!:loverz:

see yaa manyana.



Dec 6, 2006
Costa Mesa
Bobby Gowin
Get everyone you know up to the LA meeting on Thursday. This is the last chance for public comment.


No fish in O'side
Dec 6, 2005
26', Striper, Wage Burner
Get everyone you know up to the LA meeting on Thursday. This is the last chance for public comment.
This will be the last map drawing meeting for the RSG members and it is important that they hear information about their proposals. Some people may not think it is important to come if you are not going to speak, or some may not want to speak because it is very intimidating (believe me I have been there). Your voice can be heard just by attending and showing your support for the people who are speaking. Not by clapping, sighing, or booing, but by standing or raising your hand when the speaker asks for support from the audiance. 100 people standing quietly is much more effective than 20 speaking or clapping at these meetings. So if you want to speak, be there. If you do not want to speak be there too, and show your support for those speaking on your behalf.


Aug 8, 2008
La Habra, CA USA
2 - a 30' go fast and an 18' go slow

Is that clear enough?

The MLPA process is almost over and it’s not looking good for the fisherman by ANY measure. TO BE CLEAR, if you are a fishermen this IS going to change where you fish and what you catch for the WORSE. This WILL put landings, tackle stores, marinas and charter boats out business. This WILL take jobs from honest, hardworking people who do what they love for a living.

What can you do?

There are two more KEY dates left in this battle. It’s NOT too late. YOU can still make a difference.

We need YOU. YES YOU! Plain and simple we need BODIES to win this battle.

The first event you can attend is your local AWARENESS RALLY. There are currently three of these organized for this Saturday September 5, 2009. PLEASE come out and bring your trailer boat, kayak, etc. with you for a PEACEFULL drive around your local Marinas and Launch Areas. There will be flyers, stickers and banners available to dress your vehicles up for the rally. PLEASE make every effort to attend and GET YOUR BUDDIES involved.

Here are links to the events:

San Diego -

Meet at South Shores Boat Launch at 9 am. We will leave at 10 am, hit Dana Landing and Shelter Island along the way and return to South Shores for a BBQ/Potluck. Caravan Leaders: Maggie aka Nunyabizness1 and Mike aka Mikeylikesit

Orange County –

Meet at Glenn's Tackle Shop parking lot - 1145 Baker Street, Costa Mesa at 9:00 am and leave by 10 am sharp. Caravan Leaders: Bobby Gowin and Paul Romanowski

Los Angeles –

Meet at the Belmont Shores Pool Parking Lot, Belmont, CA at 9:30 am. We will leave at 10 am sharp and end the caravan event at Marina Del Rey Boat Launch for a BBQ/Potluck event! Caravan Leader: Dean Morrow aka Bank Robber

Please visit this thread to sign up for the potluck by location: http://www.bdoutdoors.com/forums/fi...159240-mlpa-event-tailgaters.html#post1467092

These Rallys are all to raise awareness for the LAST PUBLIC MLPA MEETING on September 10, 2009 . IF YOU ONLY DO ONE THING for the MLPA battle, PLEASE BE AT THIS MEETING.

Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles
6101 W. Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045

If you would like to learn more about the MLPA Process, please see www.YesFishing.org

If you would like to discuss the MLPA and get up to the minute news, please see Marine Life Protection Act Initiative (MLPA) -

I know a lot of you are BURNT on the MLPA issue (myself included!) but this is the final stretch and we need one last push! The awesome angler turn out at the Santa Ana meetings truly made an impact. It’s time to make ourselves seen and heard AGAIN.

Thanks very much for your support.

Ali Hussainy
Bloodydecks, LLC


7 'dines short of a full scoop
Nov 7, 2005
La Costa
Chuck G
8' sabot #69
8AM Meeting Time
9AM Public Comment Begins

-From the DFG Website-

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
7:00 p.m.
Thursday, September 10, 2009
8:00 a.m.
Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles*
6101 W. Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045
[SIZE=-2]* This facility is accessible to persons with disabilities. To request reasonable accommodations for a disability, please contact California Relay Service (at least two days prior to the meeting) at 800.735.2929 (TTY) or 800.735.2922 (voice) or contact the California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative at 916.654.1885.[/SIZE]
Public Participation: Members of the public are invited to attend the meeting in person or may view and listen to the meeting via simultaneous webcasting on the Internet. Video and audio archives of the meeting may be accessed via the Internet approximately one day after the meeting. Please visit the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) website at www.dfg.ca.gov/mlpa/meetings_sc.asp for more information.

Public Comment: The public will be invited to provide general comment on subjects related to the work of the MLPA South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group (SCRSG) at approximately 9:00 AM on Thursday, September 10, 2009. Speaker cards are requested and may be found at the entrance to the room. Time allotted for public comment is determined by the number of requests and can range from one to three minutes per comment; submitting written comments that can be easily summarized in one to two minutes is encouraged. Note that the public comment period is for comments specific to the SCRSG; comments related to the MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force, science advisory team, or other MLPA Initiative activities should be directed to those bodies or MLPA staff. Meeting materials will not be provided at the meeting but will be posted to this page as soon as they are available.