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Ryan js

May 24, 2020
Ryan Sallinger
17 foot whaler
The last 3 trips have been just absolutely insane to say the least.

Day one(7-15): get a gentlemen’s start out of mission bay at 8:30 and at the 9 mile by 9:30 and with in 30 minutes of looking we find just foamer heaven. Not biting reel well but LOTS of them got my first ever bft that day on a colt sniper stick and rounded off the the day with a nice one on the popper. My dad also got one on the popper. His first bft too

day two(7-17): We get out to the place where they were the foamers were and it was practically dead no fish anywhere some small meter marks and that’s it. End up going to the corner area where we see one foamer for nada we trolled feathers in hopes of a yellowfin because of the 73 degree water no luck. But on the way back we see a single tern working and decide what the hell we will stop on it and throw small poppers under it. And sure enough BOOM I get exploded on by what I thought was a small bft but after a short fight I get him up and it is the first yellow fin of the season for us. I would say about 18-20 pounds. After that we are off the the next bird school same thing but this time it is a massive explosion just huge completely air born this was a good one. After about 35 minutes in a 4000 spinning rod I get this bluefin up and stick a gaff in him my pb bluefin (taped out to 65) after that we called it a day because we needed more ice.

Day three(7-19) hit the Nados for a change of pace but it was quiet for us in the morning go jetted off about 10 miles straight out and found a nice paddy loaded with 12-20 pound yellows. It looked like it would be wide open with them boiling on our bait but only managed 2 off it. Than got called in to foaming bluefin by the sea bacon!!! These stupid fish were lock jaw and did not hit anything we threw at them and we threw the whole tackle box at them. Decided to make our way in and about 8 miles off the beach we see the 60-80 bluefin foaming up but it was same story chased them for about a hour threw the whole box at them for nada. But they were so close to us at some points where I was just dropping colt snipers down because it was just a 360 foam and I had no idea where to cast. But the fish were not chewing very well today. And it is what it is.

That’s all I got for now


I've posted enough I should know better...
Jul 26, 2007
Northridge, CA
Donald W. Clarke III
11+ ft, Ocean Kayak Scrambler, P 'N' Queue Pod
Nice report, great job. Quick question, on day one were you fishing in your pj’s? 🤣
Once at San Clemente Island when I caught a bonito, the Captain said "Hey, you caught a bluefin in pajamas!" But you took that to a whole nother level 8-)

Oops, meant to reply to OP.

Good fishin'!
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