Inshore That Was Fun, Cheap Too – DP 09.23.22

Jun 11, 2015
Dana Point
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arima - the SLIDER
Definitely picked a day with good conditions. Embarcadero landing was crowded with many boats, mostly with the intentions of finding the “magic paddy”. Me, I just wanted a leisurely time out in nature with the dog. She has been landlocked for the last three trips since I went offshore, one of them successful, thus this trip was to fish inshore.

Water was around 67-69 degrees, Off-color greenish, fairly-clear, and current slightly downhill. Tried two spots with a few nibblers throughout the morning to noon. Was busy baiting the squid strips about every other drop. No live bait for me.

Caught Sculpin, Vermillion, Whitefish and one Barred Bass.
vermillion ed.jpg



I kept the radio on 72 and participated in radio checks and contributed to the chatter on occasion, even though I was not with the offshore bunch. Mainly trying to be humorous when the occasional hot head had a problem the guy crossing his stern over his Madmacks and the notorious Paddy Poacher. I was not alone as others did likewise which made for some good entertainment. My perception was that many paddies were dry (lots of them) and the ones holding had the old “lock-jaw”, although a few boats said they have boated a couple of Mahi. One thing that was funny, I kept on hearing a guy calling out for “Cody” on the radio in desperation.

On the way back from Laguna I put out the Bonito Feathers on my bait-casters. Had four stops on Mini Bones before I made it to the point. Kept three of them. I immediately gut and gilled them alive and tossed on the cooler. Baked one for dinner last night that was delicious. Pyrex buttered, onion, tomato, salt and garlic powder. Fresh is the deal!

bone clean ed.jpg

bolan ed.jpg

I kept a few more fish that I typically would for me a Bolan, going to feed my buddy some fresh fish tacos tomorrow.

Ultimately, my plan is the lure the guys who got skunked and spent two bills yesterday to come back inshore, so I can get out there next week with a few less guys.

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    Great report and pics..and some nice inshore fish. Good to see Bolan woke up for Bonito inspection! I told Angling Allen he needs to take his Labs out too or get shunned soon. LOL
    Good to see you out again. YES Cody is a fish magnet, but per Cole's report w/dad, Cody went with them south for Dorado I think Friday. Look for Cole's report.
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