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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
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Nick from Morris Lures sent me a lure last week and I was finally able to put it into action yesterday. The lure was blue with a slanted head and red and yellow eyes. I ran the lure in the long rigger position and as soon as I put it out I noticed that the lure made a lot of noise in the pattern. The lure put out some big splashes and left a continuous trail of bubbles.

The first action we had on the Morris lure was actually a bird. The bird dive bombed the lure and tried to eat it at least five or six times. Eventually the bird got in front of the lure and got hit. After that the bird learned its lesson and lost interest. I figured that the lure must look pretty convincing because the bird simply did not want to give up. That was actually pretty entertaining.

The next bite we had on the Morris lure occured later in the afternoon. A big marlin grabbed the lure and took off. The fish started coming at the boat and chased us long enough for me to get the other lines out of the water. To be honest, the bite was the best one that I have ever seen. Fifty minutes later the fish was at leader and I had a wrap. I was applying pressure and I felt the tension give. I knew right then that the fish had come off. The rig came apart near the fish's mouth and I ended up losing the Morris lure on its first day out. Thankfully, we saw the fish, got a full fight out of it, and saw it swim away in a healthy state. The marlin was definitely over 700 lbs. and possibly over 800 lbs. Even thought the marlin got away, just seeing that fish was a great experience.

Thanks is due to Nick from Morris lures for sending me the lucky lure. I really appreciate the aloha. There is no doubt that Morris Lures can bring up fish and entice a strike. In this case, the fish was big and the strike was ferocious. Thanks again to Nick from Morris Lures.



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Nov 25, 2008
30' Knife
Congrats to you for a great experience and congrats to nick for building a solid lure