Thank You All Very Much!


Sep 11, 2004
Long Beach
Dan Hernandez
Mi Sueno
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The smile says it all. My Grandson, Michael, had a great time meeting, and talking with Dan at the Fred Hall show.

Thanks Dan for your great work with kids. They are the future of the industry.

meeting all the kids is my favorite part of the Fred Hall Shows. thanks again for all the kind words, it has meant the world to me.

If any of you have free time, please go to my youth foundation website, and sign up to help out at some of our free kids fishing events, I'll have over 1000 kids at each of my next three events starting in Oct. and I never have enough help. Help me grow my youth foundation and let's get more kids into fishing! we also have face book pages for the foundation and my TV program too.

You can't wait for others to make things better, you need to do it, everyone of you needs to bring new people into fishing, maybe it's inviting the kids down the street to go surf fishing with your family or taking the guy next door out on your boat for a few hours of fishing, if we keep waiting for others to make things happen it never will, all of us, you and I are the ones that can save our sport of fishing. do it on your own or help me at one of my free kids fishing events, whatever you chose, please help to bring new people into fishing.
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Mar 18, 2007
Leona Valley
Striper 2150, Indie
Hi Dan I also missed the other thread which is probably just as well. I enjoy your show quite a bit, and also want to add my thanks for all you do for the kids, and the local fishing community. Keep up the good work, and try to ignore the hateful and spiteful folks out there.
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Aug 18, 2010
Irvine CA
Hook Up
Hi Dan the person who attack you have a nick name of "sit on my face" his creditability is worth as much as the dead anchovy in the bait tank. To me action speak a thousand words, big or small you are contribute to the fishing community and helping the kids, for that I thank you.
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