Offshore TGIF Pt Sur Bluefin 10/1


May 30, 2012
So last year, I was in HMB trolling 2 rods, 80# and 65#, and the school was big (120#+). I maneuvered away from a hooked up boat but both my lines snagged the fish-on line. It's hard to get a bite so the only right thing to do was to cut my lines, which meant that I was already under-gunned and now have even less line. I hook up at 3:30 with the 65# setup and 60# leader (Avet raptor). First time hooked up to a BFT and you could feel its strength with each tail stroke. Kept getting it within 50' under the boat but didn't know how to bring it up -- was free hand without using the rod holder. Even after watching all those Wicked episodes, the techniques apparently didn't stick and I should have pulled in the line and then reeled. Well, after many hours, it got dark and it made a run. I panicked a little and tried running it down and since it was dark, I didn't see where the line was until it pinned me -- couldn't get to the helm to stop or turn and plunk goes the line on the motor. Went home and did some hard core shopping for better gear.

No longer under-gunned, I headed out of monterey on Friday and picked up some macks. On the way there, I realized that I forgot to bring the long gaff! DIY craft project to extend the short gaff that was attached to an ugly stick rod it is. It was snottier than expected so I didn't start trolling until 10:30. There was the occasional sheep and it made it more difficult to spot the signs. Around 1, I spotted some birds under commotion on the surface. I didn't spot breezers but it felt right since dolphins didn't appear. Set out the fly-lined mack about 300' back on 80# fluoro with 100# main. As I was preparing the second bait, the reel starts singing... waited for about 15 seconds and slowly engaged the drag. I prepped the deck and then began reeling. Deep color came about 12 minutes later and it made a couple of short runs before meeting my craft project. 😅 Stuck the other gaff and brought her in.

I hope that they're still around for a couple of weeks. It would be nice for us norcal guys to have a little more time to hone our skills.



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    HELL YES, Great report/pic and reading.
    Can't beat the blow by blow reports here.
    NICE FISH and the right kind! Success!! LOL
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