Tailhunter Report April 5th, 2020


Dec 12, 2003
LaPaz, BCS, Mexico
Jillene Roldan
La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of March 30-April 6, 2020


Scott McClure was fishing with local friends before the shutdown and caught our first rooster fish of the season near Cerralvo Island. The fish was released. Captain Beto from La Ventana was running the panga.

When you’re staying at your dad’s place at Bahia Muertos, it’s easier to get in a little early evening fishing. Miles Wagner’s dad owns the Rancho Costa resort in Bahia Muertos near La Paz and got out to fish the nearby rocks where the big pargo have shown up. They lost quite a few of the tough fish even with their drags buttoned down, but Miles put this big pargo liso (mullet snapper) in the boat. Miles normally lives in Colorado Springs CO, but with school closed down, he’s spending the off-time fishing in Baja.

Phil Perrone from Oregon was out with our La Paz amigo, Keith Wiliams, where they worked that area on the east side of Cerralvo Island and boated a few nice yellowtail like this one.

He’s always into fish! Keith Williams moved to La Paz a couple of years ago and is able to spend a fair amount of time fishing. He took some friends out before the lockdown last week and added this schoolie dorado to the fish box.

Gary Wagner sits in a sweet spot at his place in Muertos Bay, Rancho Costa and he’s on prime waters. He got this rare hawkfish (china maru) just down the beach off the rocks fro his place.

Roger and Captain Hugo both wore masks while fishing but took his off for this pose with his yellowtail.

Hard to believe that dorado this big are running around in April, but Tailhunter Captain, Luis Martinez took this big bull north of La Paz.
Like everywhere else, the world has changed drastically in Baja which finally jumped in to full-lockdown this past week.

Good news is that the fish are biting and there’s alot of variety. Some of the best fishing of the season.

The bad news is that the only ones fishing are locals or folks who have their own boats. All commercial and Sportfishing activities have been banned. By national decree, all the beaches and public beaches are shut down. All hotels have closed as of April 5 until 30th (but maybe longer). Any one hanging out, we evicted.

All restaurants are closed. The La Paz Malecon is closed. All the ports have closed. In Cabo, and a number of other cities all alcohol sales of any kind have been prohibited. In some cities, even drinking alcohol is now being stopped. La Paz is probably not far behind.

On land and water, sadly, it’s a ghost town and the military and police are enforcing the restrictions. Many people are expecting a curfew soon.

But, on the water, the fish haven’t been on lockdown. It’s like Murphy’s Law.

We’re seeing our first roosterfish of the season. The big mullet snapper (pargo liso) have started to spawn and are showing up in the shallows. Dorado between 10 and 30 pounds are cruising through the warmer currents. Closer inshore, cabrilla, snapper and sierra are holding. There are also all the bonito you could want and yellowtail up to about 25 pounds can be found around structure, banks and reefs. And, there’s live bait too! Oh, and the weather has been pretty good too with temps in the low to mid-80’s although some very strong winds are predicted for this week.

RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES (always wanted to say that)…
Just to give you a quick nutshell of what’s going on in Mexico, here’s some bullet points of information. Just please keep in mind that things are changing daily and rapidly. Anything you read here might and probably will have changed by the time you are reading this:

  • The Mexican government is finally asking folks to stay home although President Obrador continues to go out meeting and hugging people and shaking hands ignoring his own edicts. His own health officials say it’s too little to late.
  • The government this week has officially closed all beaches, public areas and non-essential businesses.All hotels in the nation will be closed from April 5-30th. Anyone trying to stay has/ will be evicted. Staffs have been sent home. Administrators are trying to work from home. So, all La Paz hotels are now shuttered.
  • The government shut down the beaches and public areas because when schools and businesses were closed last week, many people decided it was “vacation” time and thousands headed to the beach.Mexico does not have many outbreaks…so far…and less than 100 fatalities. However, experts do not find the statistics reliable because Mexico does not have the means to test many people.
  • The La Paz Malecon has been shut down. Army and police are enforcing the lockdown.
    All restaurants have closed.
  • Mexico has 133 million people, but only 400 ICE beds. High obesity, diabetes and heart disease are rampant in the population which is between 10 and 15% of the population.
  • Many places are ignoring the requirements for social distancing. About 60% of the working population are from the “unofficial economic sector” and work day-to-day and hand-to-mouth existence as vendors, laborers, street works. If they stop work, they don’t eat.As many as
  • 10 million Mexicans do not have access to water so “washing hands” is pretty much out’ve the question.
  • A growing number of cities, including Cabo San Lucas have banned all alcohol sales completely. The fear is that with so many people locked-down, violence from drinking will increase.
  • A number of breweries such as Corona/Modelo have or are shutting down since there are no distributions points any longer. Some of the breweries are converting to manufacturing anti-bacterial gel.
  • Panic buying has already started. But, it is not toilet paper. People are starting to go crazy buying cartloads of beer and hoarding.
  • Some Mexican cities are blocking the roads so no outsiders may enter. The government says it is illegal but locals are putting up roadblocks.
  • Airports are generally open, but there are very very few flights with many airlines canceling services.
  • There is a growing interest to close the borders of Mexico to Americans so they don’t bring down more infections.
  • Mexico is asking Americans to please stay home.A group of 70 University of Texas students flew a charter to Cabo San Lucas on spring break. When they came back 44 of them tested positive for the virus.
  • Many Americans were shooting across the border from California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to shop in Mexico which has not had the depletions of goods in grocery stores. That being said, places like Costco have huge lines and are now limiting customers.The U.S. State Department is telling all Americans to come home immediately or be prepared to stay in Mexico for an indefinite period of time.

It’s been a difficult several weeks trying to keep Tailhunter Restaurant open. Jilly worked tirelessly trying to make it go using only “take out” but more importantly to save everyone’s jobs. Many of our employees have been with us for many great years.

With the national closing of ALL restaurants, there were not many options.

We resolved it to the best of our capabilities. Cantina is officially closed indefinitely.

The nation has closed all restaurants until April 30th. Then, they think this will all go away. We know better. Mexico hasn’t even begun to get sick yet.

Closing was the in the best interests of our staff and economically better for us than keep going 30 days…then another 30 days…ad infinitum bleeding money because we would still have the same costs plus having to pay everyone their full salaries. We were not allowed to lay anyone off during the pandemic.

However, by completely closing the restaurant, we are best able to take care of the employees so they do not have to worry. They have money and we continued their health insurance. It’s not like they have other places to find work right now with everything closed.


We paid all employees three full months generous salaries, with full benefits, all earned and accrued vacations and bonuses. They can go home and sit this out safely and not have to wait for the other shoe to drop and should have a buffer to find work on the other side. They are all highly skilled, trained and prized food and beverage industry workers. The best we could do for them…

When the dust settles on this Covid mess, we will then turn all attention, time and talent to getting the fishing company up and running full steam asap. 60 more families of captains, drivers, caterers and managers are counting on us, not even to mention the resorts and their staff, taxi drivers etc…..

We are tremendously touched by the outpouring of sentiments via e-mails, phone calls and social media from around the world as well as our La Paz community. Tailhunter Nation is the best!

Let’s get on the other side of this as soon as possible! In the meantime please be well and stay well. Take care of each other.

That’s our story!

Jonathan & Jilly


Jul 9, 2012
San Felipe BC
Sold it and bought an inflatable
Good on you guys, you are doing the right thing socially to help this mess out as well as for all your employees. When all is said and done, I will come fish with you guys to help out with your recovery effort. Be safe and take care of your community.


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Aug 14, 2012
San Fransisco,CA USA
Jonathan and Jill.... you have always been gracious hosts during.my ventures south. Your kindness, enthusiasm and willingness to do it all for your customers has always amazed me. When this is over....I too.... will be returning to help if I can with your rebuilding efforts. Be safe....thanks for helping ALL..... As you usually do thanklessly. Be safe out there. We'll be back!!