Swordys float, East Cape anglers gloat

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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, June 17, 2016
    Gary Graham

    Que Pasa


    On June 10 and 11, 2016, for the third year in a row, Sportfishing Association of California returned to Ensenada, BC; hosted by the Hotel Coral and Marina, the entourage included SAC President, Captain Ken Franke, along with Kenia Zamarripa, SAC’s Director of Marketing and International Affairs and the “Let’s Talk Hook-Up” crew which included Pete Gray and his sound engineer, Rick Cutler, (Hookup1090.com). In addition, Heidy Salum, Binational Liaison for the Government of Baja California Secretary of Tourism of Baja California joined the group.

    Led by Kenia Zamarripa and Heidy Salum on a tour through Guadalupe Valley, its many vineyards, restaurants and wineries, the entire gang was amazed by the development of the Valley and the progress it has made in the past decade. The conclusion of the group was that the proximity to the border provides an ideal getaway for visitors and Guadalupe had the perfect climate and ambiance for future growth.

    The following morning during the two-hour broadcast of “Let’s Talk Hook-Up,” local representatives from Government agencies, hotels, fishing fleets as well as local spectators joined in the conversation regarding interactions with visiting anglers, tourists and boats cruising the waters off Baja’s coast.

    Ken Franke moderated the panel welcoming everyone and commenting that SAC's intent was to promote all of the local sportfishing and tourist facilities available to visitors and ensure that once they entered Baja, they had a pleasant experience during their trip. Before introducing each participant, Franke commented on the remarkable diversity of the panel which included both state and federal representatives and he addressed the areas of expertise of the representatives from each side of the border.

    Heidy Salum discussed her role and some of the areas that she represented, including Guadalupe Valley as well as the hotels throughout the area and the recently completed CBX bridge.

    Juan Carlos Perdomo, Director of the CONAPESCA San Diego office, explained about information that is available online and at the contact numbers at his office, on Mexican fishing licenses, costs, travel in Mexico, insurance and reminders of what documentation is needed when fishing in Mexican waters.

    Fito Espinoza, Dock Master for the Hotel Coral & Marina described the hotel and marina services available and encouraged everyone interested to attend the San Diego Boat Show where there would be a presentation on temporary importation permits and FMMs.

    Héctor Rosas, Ensenada Delegate for the Secretary of Tourism of BC expressed his delight in the recent resurgence of tourism in Ensenada as well as the growth in the number of new cruise ships visiting the Ensenada Harbor contributing to the growing number of tourists arriving by sea.

    Victor Ibáñez, Secretary of Fisheries from SEPESCA BC related how well the tournament series, 'Pesca La Baja," had been received by both locals and visiting anglers. Both events held thus far had broken their respective attendance records.

    Kenia Zamarripa described how to apply for a temporary importation permit and FMM adding that there were step-by-step instructions on the SAC website, plus you could also find personal notes such as why green cards are not ok (only for entering the US, not internationally valid), reminders on passports. Then she translated a message from the local fishing association President Guillermo Palafox, who was also attending the event.

    After Pete Gray and Ken Franke had voiced their appreciation to all the panel and signed off, everyone ended the show with a rousing round of applause for the success of the program for the third year in a row, and for the unification of both sides of the border.

    Hour 1

    Hour 2

    Coronado Island

    The bulk of the fishing activity around the Islands is just a few miles to the west of North Island for bluefin.

    Coronado Canyon to the 101

    This zone saw a better sign of biting bluefin than the 9 Mile Bank, and several boats ended up working the area around 2:30 p.m. after blanking at the 9 Mile Bank. The first few boats to get on the schools of bluefin did the best, as the increased traffic later made the fish much more skittish and boat-shy. …Fishdope.com



    Yellowtail were breezing at Los Barriles near La Joya surrounding Isla Todos Santos chasing for creel (shrimp) mostly and small mackerel. A few anglers threw all types of lures and some oversized live bait but nothing seemed to work well for the picky fish.

    Great bluefin tuna 18 miles out from the south side of the Island. Many were feeding on the surface. Weather and water temperatures were not the best lately. …Coral Marine Store

    San Quintín

    San Quintin yellowtail on the surface iron -- run & gun! Lots of big barracuda around, too. …Captains Kelly and George Catian K&M Sportfishing

    Bahía de Los Ángeles


    Talk in town was that the fishing was wide-open. With fish everywhere and plenty of bait, some were limiting out by 8:30 a.m.


    Gonzaga Bay


    Results of the second tournament of "La Pesca Baja" series were:

    June 11-12: With a record of 150 competitors in the second of the five "Fishing Baja" tournaments, which was held in San Luis Gonzaga, where the winning catch of categories -- bottom and surface, both adults and in children, consisted mainly of groupers and jacks.


    In the adult category, the winner was Jose Manuel Ruiz Gamez, who caught a spotted grouper weighing 17.8 pounds, followed by Alejandro Coria Gonzalez with another one, weighing 17.6 pounds, and a third by Hector Ramirez, weighing 16 pounds.

    In the surface category, three horse mackerel reached the scale -- one to give First Place to June Pérez Silva with a 19.1-pounder; Second Place went to Richard Elizondo who came in with a fish weighing 14.3 pounds; and Third Place went to Aaron Rochín Manuel Gallardo, with another specimen of 13.4 pounds.

    In the children's category, the winner in the background was Ivan Coria, who captured a spotted grouper weighing 13.4 pounds, while David Rochín Torres landed one weighing 9.2 pounds, while Alejandro Zozoya Avitia won the solo category of surface with a nice fish of 3.7 pounds.

    The next tournament Championship "Baja Fishing" will be in Bahia de los Angeles, on 15 and 16 July; then it will be up to San Quentin on 19 and 20 August; and the Grand Finale will be held in Ensenada, on 23 and 24 September.


    “Last Saturday I went down to Gonzaga Bay for the second tournament in the Pesca la Baja series for 2016 to defend my title from last year. We stayed at Alfonsinas this year and it is a very nice hotel. I was going for big fish all day with nothing, right after we figured there wasn't enough time to make the cutoff for the weigh-in, I just started fishing with small bait. I caught this 30-pound gulf grouper that I later found out would have easily won the tournament as no fish over 20 pounds were weighed in. Oh well, live and learn!” …Chris Wheaton...IGFA Representative

    Cedros Island

    Potential world record Broomtail Grouper caught on the kayak. 108.6lbs
    Angler Jeff Mariani Caught on a heavy bass rod and 40lb test
    Using a Kicker Jig surface iron. Yellowtail to 40lbs caught from the kayaks on jigs Calicos going crazy…Jeff Mariani, Cedros Tackle

    La Bocana


    Big Waves, Surfing Time and Fishing! …Juanchy



    We are still picking away at the green water wondering if the second year of this El Nino will allow a decent pick at the golden dorado.
    I am toying with the idea of renaming all the local fish and the first one that popped into my head was for our beloved butt kicking pargo.

    Just call them "red reef dorado"!
    Our red reef dorado may be winning the "other fish" slot at our Tripui Dorado Tournament coming up July 1st and 2nd.

    Last year the winning dorado was in the 12 pound neighborhood and if I am not mistaken about the same sized dodo took first down at a "East Cape" event, too!

    Plan "B" for the Loreto summers always revolves around the deep dwelling yellowtail, grouper and baqueta.

    All is not lost especially seeing that we have two more weeks for the water to return to blue and warm.

    Yellowtail fishing is still happening at Carmen's Punta Lobo with the results showing a handful of yellows mixed in with reds, pintos and a few nice sized cabrilla.

    The most predominant fish in the area is the green jack and they are here by the acre.

    Big eyed jacks are also back in the area but they are serving duty as the available baitfish. The baitseller are catching them with cast nets in the afternoon just outside the marina.

    Our third and most important jack has been showing up as usual and won't be taking the summer off.

    Last year we had at least two roosters in the 100 pound range and this year has started off with a few over fifty.

    Dorado travel around with their particular water mass but the roosters can be found in all the margins between shallow sandy bays and deep water rock piles.

    Change up your game plan for roosters and dry up your dodo tears. Troll up a few 18 inch lisas and soak them outside of "el faro", San Bruno or submarine rock... a big rooster will drag you around!…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    Wahoo caught off Loreto 6/15/16 by Mike Sheffer…Fred Schiel

    La Paz

    They're back! Another reason to get in the water!!!​


    Doin’ it right! Ryan Williamson from Washington on his first trip with Tailhunter fishing with Captain Juan dropped a purple Rapala at the north end of Cerralvo Island near La Reyna and almost immediately got ripped by this toothy speedster! Wahoo blood on the deck! … Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International


    East Cape


    A first plus a day to remember…El Regalo sportfishing

    The crew on the Bite Me have been fishing for pargo everyday this week . . . the funny thing is that it's been while anchored in front of the hotel. They would fish for the pargo every day for four days but they would always break off the leader. So today they broke out the big reels and the 300# leader and landed these two beauties! Way to stay with it! ...Van Wormer Resorts

    Anglers targeting the reef fish took barred pargo and pompano all week.

    The beach has been tough for the fly fishermen. Very little bait roving along the sand at the moment. All in all, it has been a “slowish” week that was saved by the weekend. …Gary Barnes Webb



    First, a tip of the sombrero to Earl Frost, Beaumont, Texas; Shelly Baldwin, New York City; Paul Casey and Marika Pritcheff, both of Hoboken, NJ who are credited with a dandy swordfish! The sword was caught aboard the Dottie B II with Capt. Vicente Coso.…Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort


    Tuna have arrived! Greg and Viv Stotesbury of team AFTCO landed limits topped off with this slob. …Team Jen Wren

    San José del Cab0


    Met up with my surf guide Wesley Brough at 6 am Monday morning, a short drive later we were one the sand facing the Pacific. Conditions were sets of 3 to 5 large waves crashing on the sand with a slight break between sets. Winds were manageable and bait was prevalent with schools breaking to escape being eaten. After a botched first cast getting used to the gear, I hooked up on the second and landed a nice jack crevalle…Tony


    Report pending. …Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

    Los Cabos


    J.R. and Luis from our 31-foot Rebecca took this fun crew from Houston, Texas, out on a fishing trip. About 15 miles from El Faro they saw the action, and caught 24 yellowfin tunas around 15- to 18-pounds (8 released), and 3 dorado (20- to 25-pounds). …Pisces Sportfishing

    The yellowfin tuna were the mainstay of the action for most of the boats this past week as the surrounding waters were warming back up from the severe drop offs of the prior week and the boats were scanning the surface areas for billfish.

    Cabo Climate: Air temps ranged from 71 nights to 93 daytime highs and a 51.2% average humidity level. A partly cloudy week with a good mix of sunshine and overall, excellent beach weather that allowed for suntans by the day.

    The Pacific side started to recover temperatures and varied from 71-73 degrees. Cabo to Chileno & out about 4-5 miles was all at 74-75 degrees, then outside that line to the 95 & 1150 Fathom spot at 75 degrees. Chileno to the outer Gorda Bank at 77-79 degrees. All is much improved from the past week. Surface breezes flowing mostly from the west northwest at an average of 13-14 mph with some surface wind chop.

    Best Fishing Area: The 95 & 1150 Fathom spots best for billfish, Herradura and into El Faro for the yellowfin tuna. Yellowfin were caught in many areas along the Pacific side.

    Best Bait/Lure: Live bait best for the billfish and smaller tuna feathers working well for the yellowfin tuna.

    Live Bait Supply: A much improved live bait supply this past week with no limitations and still priced at $3.00 per bait…Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters


    Everyone caught roosters that day -- Jeff, Nick, Nathan and Emma. What a great day on the water! ..Baja Anglers, Grant Hartman
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    Another GREAT REPORT GARY! (forgot to tell ya after reading last week) LOL

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