Offshore Swordfish in in January and Beyond


Aug 31, 2020
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Hey guys, posting a question here to get your thoughts on our swordfishery out of newport. Last catch i heard was in either late december or early january and i've been out a couple times since. The rain and storms seemed to dirty up the water a bit and move things around. I'm debating going on friday if the weather looks decent.

So my question is given that sword fishing is usually not that productive to begin with do you guys believe their are swords in the 30 mile range from newport this time of year? Has anyone had success. I've heard from the whale watch guys that they occasionally see them off laguna this time of year up on the surface...

Thoughts and opinions appreciated.


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  • Dec 11, 2011
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    They’re here all year.
    There’s research that indicates the large breeders migrate to breed but a mature female is over 225lbs. You’ll notice larger catches earlier in the “season” from September to late October then a bunch of fish in the 180-220lb range through December which supports the theory that the breeders migrate.
    We start seeing larger surface swords on the 3/4 - 1.5 day boats mid spring around the border and then they start being spotted all over socal through the summer.
    They aren’t fasting during this time, they’re here and feeding. People just aren’t fishing for them.
    PIER published their buoy fishing research and July was very productive for them but people insist the season is in the fall.
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    Jun 11, 2015
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    Another reason to spend $$$ on a bunch of gear to deep drop. I am much to old to sit on the water drifting the entire day without catching.

    I do keep one rig ready in the cuddy to flyline a Mackerel in case I see Elvis. So far that effort has not paid off after many attempts. Best to be prepared when presented the opportunity though. No regrets.

    If you are young and have a lot of time, want to become a legend (like lowprofile), deep drop your ass off and I wish you well!
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    Jul 12, 2005
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