For Sale SuperSeekers, Avets, and Saltiga 30T Stolen - Please be on the lookout


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Oct 28, 2008
San Diego
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Posted under "Free" but also duplicating here to get the word out.

My son/fishing buddy had his detached garage in Scripps Ranch broken into yesterday. (Happy Thanksgiving, right?!) The bas***ds stole 9 nice rods and a few reels that he had in a rack on his wall. Most of his reels stayed safe. All of them were in almost new condition because he took really good care of everything. They took his deck boots, blue OpenWater fishing bag with his fishing license, and all of his fishing accessories as well. He's been wiped out of much of his fishing gear worth many thousands of dollars.

Please keep your eyes open, especially at any flea markets that you go to in the upcoming weeks. Many of his rods have his name, Ryan Fry, in a gold script decal that I varnished on just above the rod butt. Most of his reels also have the same decal varnished onto the bottom of the reel seat. If you run across these items (probably with indications that the decals were sanded off), please, please try to get the sellers contact info, contact the police, and send me an update on BD or via [email protected].

From memory, this is what he had:
1) SuperSeeker SS-670-7 25-40# Saltiga 30T (Silver)
2) BlackSteel G 6470-7 30(40)50# Avet JX 6/3 SN: JX6/3-18726 (Red)
3) SuperSeeker SS 6470-7 35-50#
4) BlackSteel G 6470H-7 40(50)60#
5) SuperSeeker SS 6470H-7 40-60#
6) SuperSeeker SS 1x3 60(80)100#
7) SuperSeeker SS 6463XXH Trolling Rod 60-100#
8) Shimano Salt Water Fishing Reel and Rod (Spheros SW, I think)

My 10 year old grandson lost out too. I didn't have serial numbers but they got:
9) SuperSeeker SS 870-7' 15-25# (maybe a 270-7' 12-20") with an Avet MX SN: tbd (Red)
, and,
10) A brand new Specialized Rock Hopper Bike (Black) that I just bought him for his birthday.

Other misc stuff that may show up at a flea market stand... a bunch of Milwaukee M18 Power Tools (2 saws, Hammer Drill, Saws-all, Circular saw, Finishing tool), bag of Milwaukee hand tools, Camo back pack, Replica Samurai swords, and a fair amount of other non-fishing stuff.

Thanks for any help you provide even if nothing comes of it!

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Mar 2, 2010
Rocket Dog
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Thank sucks. F'n dirt bags. I'll keep an eye out in the East SGV for your gear.

George Robinson

Jul 13, 2015
San Diego
Robbie Robinson
Sorry to hear about having that much gear and other items being stolen.

I had a similar issue last Wednesday. Had my two Garmin units taking off my boat while it was in my driveway!

Don't know if this will help, but below is the name and badge number for the San Diego Sheriff who is working my case.

Deputy Olguin 0194 - this is the officer who is handling my case. He works out of the Rancho San Diego station. Never know, but may be worth a try.

I too am still missing all my paperwork that was in my dry bag. Passport, Sentri pass, Mexico Temporary Import permit, boat registration, and both my US and Mexican fishing licenses. Fortunately I have copies of the licenses on my computer.

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Oct 29, 2006
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