SuperSeeker, Phenix BD, UC Mega, Calstar

john benneche

May 28, 2008
Long Beach
Boat Name
1ft. nada.
Haven't fished in a few years and it doesn't feel like i am going to any time soon so instead of dust, use 'em!

Super Seeker is a CJBF80 aka 6480. 20-40#. Used very little $280 Wrapped by MOON (SOLD)
Phenix PSW700H Black Diamond. 25-60#. $220 factory
UC 85 Mega $280 Wrapped by MOON almost unused. 20-40# Paid $350.00 (SOLD)
Calstar 765ML 40-60# $180 unknown wrapper
Calstar 610 (Glass rod) good 40# topshot braid rod $120

Text me at 562.357.28twentyeight. You must text as I am rarely on this site these days

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