Sunday outing


Jul 22, 2013
Menifee, CA
Talked to my son, Tre, and asked if he wanted to get out in the surf for some halibut.
Told him to be at the house at 4:15 so we could be on the sand at gray light.

Arrived to a 1.5 ft. out going high tide, 11-17 second sets, 1-4 ft. waves, clean water free of debris and moderate overcast.

Well it didn't take long as my second cast resulted in a fat 20" flatty,

sunday outing 1.jpg

Tre was South of me working a spot where I pointed out there were some flat rocks that needed to be fished.
When he saw me slide in the fish he of course walked over and proceeded to cast.
Well it didn't take long before the second pancake was on the sand,

sunday outing 2.jpg

Sweet, we had 2 shorts in a matter of 15 minutes.

I decided to move move North and let Tre work the honey hole.
He ended up getting 2 more shorts, 1 butterfly ray and 1 small sand bass.

I on the other hand lost 2 fish to a ledge that usually holds sand bass.
A couple of weeks ago I lost, what I estimated was a 15-18 pound WSB in the exact spot.

We only stayed for 2 hours but it was a nice session with totals being,

8 flatties ( all short )
2 butterfly rays
1 short sandy

Of course the catching is a bonus, even though my son is older I enjoy and appreciate the time we spend together.

Thanks for reading.

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