Offshore Sunday November 7 2021 - Fish Report


In the game
Jul 10, 2018
San Diego
Will Duka
Duka Made Me Do It 2
Weather was perfect and bait was hot and we were on our way to to get bit East of the 302. In route to grounds, we came through west of the canyon in a very fishy zone. Lots of birds working and scatter BFT were active under birds jumping around, maybe 30-40 pounds. Super boat shy and couldn't get them react to chum or anything. Shot our shot, but no luck. Stoked to still see them around going into the 2nd week of November. Finally made it east of the 302 and found a trash can lid size paddy loaded with very small grade yellows, 2-5 pounds. All rats were caught and released as it was just fun to get bit and get out one last trip before the holidays. Highlight of the day was pulling up a small yellow with a baby mako attached and not letting go of its breakfast. The tax man in training got his first small win lol.