Offshore Sunday night overnight on Old Glory


  • Nov 28, 2016
    North OC
    Matt Skogmo
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    Hopped on the Glory Sunday night hoping for YFT.

    Rumor on the docs were that they were all sonar fish -- and were pretty hard to pin down. The haul on Sunday came on a hail-mary, 11th hour save on the way back to the dock.

    For us, we started trolling around at grey light and started looking. Pretty much a desert until about 8:30am when JR metered a school. Threw a bunch of chum and got the school to come up... if you could find a decent bait, you could get bit pretty quick. Problem was finding a bait that would swim. You'd think you picked a good one, only to have it hit the water and either just sit, or more likely haul ass -- but not away from the boat -- right toward it.

    Started with 25lb seguar leader on max cuatro 40lb with #2 j hook. Got bit 1x on that -- nice 20lb model YFT.
    Could buy a bite after that, so dropped to 20lb fluoro leader on 20lb spectra, #4 jhook. Picked up one more -- same grade, but tail looped!
    Bite died way down after a bit -- you could see the tuna boiling all around the boat -- just no one could hook up. After an hour and a half or so JR spun the boat 180 to flush the bait from under.

    That started them up again -- briefly. I hooked another on the 20lb rig, only to get bit off about 5 minutes in. Stupid light line ;-)

    Weather was great in the AM, little breeze (10-11knts) in the afternoon. Pretty decent swell, but nothing severe.

    About 25% of the boat were fishy, about 50% were friends of the fishy folks who had never been before, and about 25% had fished, but never for tuna. Made for some interesting moments, but folks figured it out pretty quick -- and the crew was great.

    All in all, good times.



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    Great report/info. Glad you got some YF.
    WHAT? No pics? The gang like pics!!

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