Sun 6/21 Nados report



Oct 3, 2004
San Diego
John Gleaves
20 foot, Westcoaster, Roadrunner
Was out fishing with my fishing club, the San Diego Anglers, on the Vendetta, with Ray and crew. Another fun day on the water. The number of private boaters seemed to equal the number of sportboats fishing the islands today. 15+ sport boats there today - maybe 40 ish boats total but it was Sunday.

YT bite was not wide open but they were around and we had our chances. Boats were on the move all day as no one place was the place to be. Great weather. Went from go get the jacket on the way out to the islands, to I am starting to sweat and take it all off. Overcast all day with minor wind and swell.

The calicos were on the chew on the surface & mid depths - we were constantly pulling them in on flylined baits( butt hook if deeper water and various hooks if shallower). I would say almost limits with some fat ones. We had a few good grade yellowtail, one nice white seabass, barracuda and bonita in the mix. Some bottom fish too.

We were using from 15 to 30 lb test mainly. Some hookup baits and some surface iron. No yoyo as we were in shallower water and few used the dropper loop.

The fleet worked all over from SKR to middle grounds, near the pens on south island, and the various rocks in between the 2. Newer looked at the windward side of north island nor go too near the leeward of north island

Great to be back on the water
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