Offshore Still in shock..

May 28, 2020
San Diego
Christian Olande
21' Chris Craft Sea Hawk
Headed out of mission bay at 7am, a dozen boats in line for bait. Headed to the North 9 again and worked our way to the 178. We saw a couple foamers but not as much as we heard about on the radio. Came across one good one and got bit second cast. Ended up spitting the hook after a couple minutes. Decided to head south to the 302 and explore a little. Was greeted by nothing, not even a bird in sight. Disappointed that we had no tuna in the boat after we had such a great day Thursday we headed to our rockfish spot on the way home to put something in the kill bag. Half a dozen rockfish and a lingcod later we’re heading in and we hear on the radio at there were bluefin foamers 4-5 miles West of Point Loma. Didn’t think it could be true but we were passing that way to get home anyways so we decided to check it out.

This is where it gets good..

We get to around 5 miles west of the point and see big splashes and huge bird schools crashing. When we get closer I see that it’s close to 10 seals feeding on a big school of sardines. Disappointed again. We wind in the jigs that we threw and just as we’re about to head in we see foamers again about 100 yards from us and this time we actually see the bluefin jumping! Literally 5 miles from Point Loma!! Chased them around for about 20 minutes and was finally able to get bit. 45 minutes later we have a 70 lb bluefin on the boat. Talked to a couple guys on the radio after we landed it that said they were hanging fish off the same school also.

I’ve been fishing for about 18 years and I have never seen bluefin that close to shore before. Literally 5 miles. Unreal. So close I could see the Point Loma half day boats.

My buddy took a shitty picture of me but you can how close we were to Point Loma in the background. Again, still in shock.

Total for the day: 6 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod, 1 Bluefin lol

And big shout out to the guy who called it in on the radio, sorry we didn’t believe you at first but it definitely made my day 😂



Well, if that 5 mile stuff has you hot. There were BFT in 50ft of water off Crystal Cove Newport a couple weeks ago. Filmed by cell phone from the cliffs. Also had a friend see a foamer of 20-30# BFT in the same depth off Dana a couple days prior.
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Great report! Getting excited to chase them around on Wednesday on the sailboat. 5 miles isn't so far even in my slow sailboat!
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