still a lot of tunas outside the banks!!!!

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    la cruz de huanacaxtle nay mexico
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    hard core anglers on Marla's sport fishing a board the Marla with cap. Danny Osuna!!
    what a way to start our trip at 5:30 am we meet at my slip Adam and Nancy Gomez show up on a good time and ready to play!!
    so here we go!! left the harbor and our main target was the bait supplier so we find it and loaded 40 ojotones (caballitos) and we set the heading course and the auto pilot took over for the next 1 1/2 hrs and while my deckhand was rigging all the lines and hooks Adam and I were enjoying a nice cup of coffee and share few fishing histories in the mix!!
    so day light shows and we crank the gas to 22 kts straight to the banks, got there and we put our bait lines in the water looking to find some skipjacks or bullet tunas, come over the pinnacles and meter so much bait that pretty much right away we load our tuna tubes with some tasty bullet tunas, we ran 2 milles away from the pinaccles toward the tje drop off!!
    we rigg 4 bullet tunas and we started to slow troll them in the area waiting for a marlin or cow strike!!
    after 30 minutes we started to see birds working is the area and there are some 100lbs tunas chasing small baits so came thru the school and long right rigger get hit and zzzzzzzZzzz damn we farm the first strike so we put anotjer bullet tuna out there came around and we got hit again and this time was game on!!!!
    fought this fish for 45 minites and hit the deck what a nice tuna 135lbs wow made our day right there!!!
    so at this time we were 6 milles away from the pinaccles and no chance to make any more bullets tunas so we decide to skip a death caballito off the kite as we keep seen more and more schools of tuna feeding around us!!
    well we rig the bait and the kite so we skip the bait right in the middle of the school and there it is a nice 100lbs tuna crash on the skipping bait and zzzzzzzzzzz hooked up!!!!!!
    Adam was already warm up so we landed in about 12minutes so keep seen more fish like crazy but we set up couple drift few time right on it but they were finicky not wanted to bite too good so we keep try really hard for then that finally we hooked up the 3rd yellowfin and
    game on again so this was the cherry of the cake!!!
    Nancy landed a nice 75 pounder!!
    it was time to head back damn i hate leaving the fish even that they were not biting good but there out there and the bite will come back after this full moon!!!
    come and enjoy fishing with image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png
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    Hell yeah thats great to see!!!
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    Another great post, thanks Danny.
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    Nice work compa.

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