Stealth Offshore Spreader Bar Review


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  • Dec 7, 2018
    huntington beach
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    I took advantage of the stealth offshore spreader bar tanner bank special deal and man am i impressed.. Out the door cost was almost $300 bux flat and they come with the chaser! Its probably the best deal on the market honestly.

    Each bar has a very large center bird, two smaller birds on the ends and squids rigged through out. The length of the teasers is about 5' and then the chaser is another 6' back, so the presentation is a solid 3' wide x 11' long.

    the center bar does not have a directional plate, but the port and starboard bars do. this keeps them out of the wake and lets you troll a full spread with out the need for outriggers. The more line you put out the further from center the get and trolled fantastic up to about 9knots, splashing, wiggling, just doing what its supposed to do.

    I put the center bar out first and sent it waaaay back, then the port bar went out and then the starboard. once they were all out and spread across the wake we adjusted the center to be just past the prop wash and the two outsides were just out of the wake zone. At first we were sure that there would be a massive tangle on the first turn so we took it long and wide and they stayed right in line. then made a tighter turn and a tighter turn and i can say with confidence that unless you are trying to run over your own bars they will track in line and not tangle (supper cool!) no more having to constantly watch them and plan your turns way in advance.

    Putting these out and in is for sure a 2 man job, preferably some one who can keep the boat straight! I always turn down swell and match the speed of a roller so its easy to keep it straight. now here is my tip for getting these out easily.. I use a push off pole to hold the line and bar straight up so i can lower it over the transom with out tangles. the chaser gets thrown in first and then i lower the whole bar in over the stern. the rod has just enough tension on it to pull line off by hand. this will save you alot of headache and tangles.

    a side note: I emailed them to pick up directly, but they do not have a store front for the public or a phone number. Jeff from stealth offshore contacted me directly and set up a will call since they are literally 15 minutes from me. All in all it was a easy transaction and great product.
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    May 9, 2008
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    I also bought the tanner bank special last week and was impressed with the quality, especially for the price. I will try them tomorrow, hopefully they produce.
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