Stanlford Study on Possible Herd Immunity in CA for Covid 19


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Work colleague getting tested for Covid 19 antibodies today at Westminster Mall. He likely had it in early January.

One thing no one mentions is that not only are CA airports the main hub for Chinese travelers here, but also they are the main hubs for US business travelers going to China and back as well. Prior to this, I’d bet it was thousands/day going West to East and back in a couple days. I don’t know how much of that was through Wuhan specifically as most of my friends were traveling to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangdong, etc 2-4 times per year.
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It's an interesting theory as a couple guys I know were sick back in Oct/Nov and had severe congestion. The only thing is though is that other than an earlier "Bad Flu" season there really wasn't that many hospitalizations and/or critically ill ICU intubated patients. I too had some severe congestion affects when I got it in Nov. Supposedly CA had 8,000 visitors each day from China.
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My wife had a gnarly cold/flu in January that had a lot of the same symptoms as Covid-19. My kid had the same cold but it was not as intense. It lasted 2 plus weeks! At the time she said a lady coughed right in her face at an indoor waterpark up in Anaheim. We have been wondering if she had it.


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Long story short. My family and I already had this shit back in November.

Long version.

My wife, 53, farm raised, clean life style but not very physically fit. Let's just say she's a tough bitch and don't cry about nothing.

Me, 50, knucklehead construction worker. Still digging ditches, climbing in attics and through crawl spaces. Physically in okay shape because of what I do for a living, but I'm a heavy drinker and smoker.

Our two sons, 10 & 15 very healthy but the youngest one had leukemia and fought it for three and a half years.

Last November my wife gets sick. Within about a 12-hour period. She taps and asked me to take her to the hospital, said she's never felt anything like it before.

On the way to the hospital she starts crying and says something's not right. Now I'm starting to get worried..

Pick her up after her appointment, they tell her it's not the flu it's a viral infection and they don't know what it is.

Because of my youngest son's precondition we are extremely efficient at quarantining as he had no immune system for almost four years.

She goes in the quarantine room with her own bathroom and doesn't come out for 5 days.

Didn't matter. That shit tour through our house like a tornado I couldn't stop it.

For reference, the youngest son that had no immune system only caught the common cold two times in four years. That's how up-to-speed we were on quarantining when anybody came home not feeling well.

When the two boys got it, we took them to two separate hospitals one of them Raidy's children's because of the previous cancer. Both hospitals told us that it was a unknown virus, not the flu and that they were starting to see a lot of it.

My wife was back on her feet in about seven days but had a persisting nasty cough for another week or so.

Both the boys got it and we're back on their feet in about 5 days with no persistent cough.

Me on the other hand, it damn near killed me. My lungs filled with so much fluid I literally would lay on one side for about 30 min then lay flat coughing and clearing that lung, then lay on the other side and just continue the process.

This lasted for almost three weeks with my wife and kids begging me to go to the Hospital. In retrospect I should have but I'm a shit head and stubborn as hell.

I've been telling people for the last few months that this virus was already here in late fall, most people thought I was just crazy.

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Models (not the type shown in BD pics) are used to promote bullshit agendas.
The models used to determine fishing here in WA are examples of this.
So are the models for Covid 19 death rates, So are the models for global warming. I thought all those that lived on the coast were going to be under water years ago. WTF happened!
How long will we allow our lives to be changed by this crap!
You can only change this at the ballot box!
Vote early, Vote often!