Stan’s 11 day independence on the water report

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Feb 12, 2011
Fresno, CA
David Rouse
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Long range fishing
We are heading uphill from our 11 day independence fishing trip. Our 1st destination was the lower banks. We hit all of the lower banks for only 1 tuna in the 45 pound range and many marlin. Not what we wanted to start our trip. The next destination was the ridge where is was wide open on tuna in the 20-45 range. Limits for everyone on board. Next destination was the rocks where we scratch away at wahoo. Most everyone got at least a skinny with some hot sticks getting upwards of 7 wahoo. The key was fishing live bait small hook with 30 pound with a wire leader. I myself love tossing the bombs but only had a couple of hits with no wahoo landed for my efforts. We also scored a few yellowtail on the dropper loop 80-100 pound setups with a Mack and a 6/0-7/0 hook. One guy landed a big yellowtail going maybe 50+ pounds. Will weigh that one at the landing. We are heading uphill in snotty weather but everyone onboard is taking it in stride. What worked - tuna fishing. 30-50 pound line. Theses tuna were not shy gobbling up any live bait offerings. Also at times the smaller flat falls wired and so did the surface irons which in its self is amazing to watch a tuna hit the surface jig. What didn’t really work- on wahoo for some reason the bombs were not working. Out of the 50 wahoo maybe 2 were landed on jigs. If you’re like me that is a real bummer. Most of the wahoo were caught after a trolling strike and then we would drift ona school for some 10-15 minutes. This group got along really great and the crew of the independence is stellar. We will arrive at the dock in San Diego Friday morning. When I get home I will do a report on the trip before this one. Back to back trips and 20 days later I still love this thing we call long range fishing. It’s a blast seeing what the ocean has to offer. Until then I hope you enjoy the report. It’s not easy doing this on the boat with limited Wi-Fi.


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    SODA....always a welcome "update" brother. Sorry the bombs weren't working.... thats when I reach for that Gold Hopkins. But when they're not eating the jig and want the bait...gotta go with it. Either way.... thanks for the update. Look forward to your highlights. Be safe.... and always thanks for posting Brother.
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    THANKS for the update report Soda Pop.
    Great no food pics! Been fasting 10hrs to
    get my bloodwork done shortly. LOL LOL
    Almost ready to eat my Keyboard!!!
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