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Feb 19, 2007
los angeles
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Got a chance to fish SQ on the 20th the day before the tournament. Pesca la Baja.

On the radio I was hearing that most everyone was fishing inshore for calico. Seem to be the only game in town. Fished with Eddie of garcias pangas. We made our mackerel in the am. Went to the 50 to yoyo jig. Nothing there. Went to San Martin island working close to the kelp and see if anything of size wanted to bite. A big sheephead came over the rail on small size flat fall. Then a huge calico off the waxwing came on the boat . Seemed near 5 pounds. It was difficult to fish the kelp we weren't really rigged that way thinking we were basically going to yoyo fish or troll for yellowtail like we have done in the past.

Apparently the water was still cold and not clean. Normally we hit 240 and it is game on for -20 lb yellows or find kelp paddys with a yellowtail or two available. But didn't seem like there were yellows at all the day we fished.

Proceed around the island along the kelp. Ended up halibut fishing since we also heard they had moved in. We transitioned nicely from kelp to sandy bottom . My friend misses a big halibut bite. We stay and kept making drifts over the same area. Eventually we hook up, but instead of halibut we score a big calico that swallowed the medium size mackerel. Crazy. The next fish over the rail ends up being the right kind , a halibut of about 10 lbs somewhere around 28-30 inches. My buddy's first legal halibut. With the next fish hooked I'm thinkimg I also have a halibut since we are drifting sandy bottom. The fish takes the bait, I let it run to allow the fish to swallow the bait, again medium to regular size mackerels for bait were used. I'm ready , I set the hook. It stIcks nice and hard. The fish fights a bit then starts coming easy enough but heavy.
Again it's another big calico bass on the mackerel.. I had another mystery bite which we thought was a halibut. The fish ate the bait and then immediately spit it out. All in all we ended with a sheephead , a halibut , and 7 nice calicos.
After the inshore stuff, we head out to fill the cooler with nice reds in about 300 feet water. It was a happy day even without the yellows. The captain Eddie, I like the way he fished since he knew the island and his spots very well. He was excellent at baiting us up and unhooking all our fish. Most every stop we caught fish on a day that looked slow for others.

Forgot to mention the captain had a great eye watching the water en route to deeper water he sees a boil. We stop he's quick to get his jig in the water, I still needed to tie my iron on thinking we were done with surface fish. I finally get my surface iron on, winding back I hook up. Fish takes a few small runs pumping us up . It ends up being a nice bonito which we turned into great table fare. It got my blood going. Beautiful day on the water the weather was fantastic. Happy campers all around.

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