SQ 9/1-9/5


May 9, 2006
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37' Strike Walk Around
Just in last night, so short report.

Met up with our group Saturday. 9 of us at the Old Mill. Govenors Cup in full swing, I have never seen SQ like this before, fun, families and FIESTA. Waking up at 0500, the band was still playing WTF on the deck but shut down at 0530!

Met up with Capt Juan Cook, Oscar with KM and Jaimie of Jaimies Sportfishing. 3 per boat and off we went. Eddie Boy (Lalo), Gabby and myself chose Juan Cook. The choice was made from his contributions to BD. We knew Kelly's operation was sound and wanted to make sure our fellow anglers had the comfort and expierance they provide.

Off to the C Bass spot SE of the point without making bait in the bay. Very fishy but no love for us, log skinnies was about it, Juan was making bait of mini macks.

About 11 decided to fish for reds and Juan put us on a spot at 280' , immediate cod action in rolling sloppy seas. Fill the box and into the bay for a try of halibut, first drop I'm bit for a small butt, next drift about an 8lb C Bass. Back to the barn and WTF, the fiesta re ignighted! Big fish of day 26lb C Bass from my compadre Dana on Jaimies Amato.

Met up earlier to get on the gray bite after a good night sleep (band stopped at 7PM). Ride out in the dark and arriving in the gray we found birds working and immediate barries. A few cast later, big swirl on my croc and it's game on. Got in a nice 21 lb C Bass and then Juan is on a nice 25 lb'r and after a bit Lalo's on with a juvinile C Bass. Gabby was snake bit but worked hard, Fished with mac's and crocs and decided to chase the Tuna outside.

Stopped on a few dry paddies on the way out and put the trollers in about 18 off the point. About aevery 20 minutes a Dorado would jump on the cedar, one that probably went 15 but average 8-10. No Tuna Love but a couple of Rat Yellows.

Decided it was time and Juan said lets try the 240 for a yellowtail. His advise was nothing less than 40 and button down the drag and we will slow troll. We knew what to expect so lines in and 30 seconds later, boil on my bait YT pulling hard, now pulling drag, them more drag and juan is trying to keep me from getting rocked and snap. OK lesson learned, no less than 50. Trolled the pinnacle a few more try's for nada and back to the barn.


Great time _ Fiestas go ALL NIGHT _ We hope Don Eddies succeeds_ Could not have been happier with all charters_Go Fishin!

Sorry no pics but maybe Juan will post a few
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Nov 2, 2009
San Quintin, Baja
Rich Hollo
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27' Skagit Orca XLC - BIG BadDonkey
Sorry we didn't come over and spend some time with you guys, Gary. Saturday was a little on the rough side for us and Monica and the kiddies were pretty much done by the time we got back into the dock.

On Sunday, Monica lost her brand new rod and reel over the side so that pretty much put a lid on our trip.

Had several great trips this year so I guess it was just our time to pay the piper....
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Kellys twins

Playing with the twins
Aug 9, 2011
Parker AZ, Campo de Lorenzo, San Quintin, BCN Mex.
Rick Woodley
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Kellys twins 23' Donzi
I fished Thursday and Friday for a mixed bag of wsb, sand bass, calico bass, and black sea bass, ocean was flat calm, kinda hung around with Juan and had a great time fishing he can make some pretty good calls on the water. Juan has pictures but haven't herd from him.
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Captain Juan SQ

May 14, 2008
San Quintin BCN mex.
Captain Juan SQ.
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parker 23/20.slaptail.
hade a great time fishing with you gary,ed,aka,lalo da' late,and gabby,it yust dosent get better than that,heres a few fotos of youre trip.

gary with two awsome reds.


gary,gabby and ed.with some nice reds.I like fisherman that like all fishes.


huge rat fish for lalo da' late.


day two,21 pound seabass for gary.


a nice dinck for lalo.


a beautyfull kelp tree for gabby.


a twentysomethingpounder for me.


hunting for seabass,ed is on the look out.


ed tooks there,wen ever you see this type of bird action,stop,cast and fish.

this is howe its done boys,dont worry it wont come on done.
lalo da' late,showing us a life time of fishing expiriense.

the seabass peter'd out,so we went looking for tuna,I put out a couple of spotters,were looking enny sighn that tells us there tuna there.

gabby scor'd first with this nice dorado,great hand hold there gabby.


gary score'd next with this fine dodo.


gary and ed,eatting there pudding,we put two more dodos on deck and went to the breakers,lost a fish the rock and call'd it good,
thanks for a great time on the water,looking forward to ahveing you down again soon.
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