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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, April 22, 2016
    Gary Graham

    Que Pasa


    The Federal Police have posted billboards throughout Baja informing us of the cost of fines for traffic infractions on federal highways, including the four-lane and the corridor, plus the feds are allowed to patrol the airport.

    The following fines are stated in U.S. dollars, and because of the fluctuating exchange rate, are approximate; in pesos, however, the posted fines do not fluctuate.

    · Car speeding: $289

    · Truck speeding: $412

    · Not using seat belts: $103

    · Using cell phone while driving: $83

    · Driving under the influence $825.

    Fines may be paid online, at http://www.ssp.gob.mx or at the Federal Police headquarters, located on the toll road to the International Airport in San Jose.

    Coronado Island

    On Wednesday, some dirty water along the coast pushed outside to the Islands and slowed the yellowtail bite. There are still some fish around but you’ll want to make sure you find the clean water. When the water does clean up, the info below is still good. The fish are scattered all over the area -- there are fish along the weather side of North Island, the lee of South Island, SKR, and the Rockpile. There is also word of yellows breezing on the surface for several miles below the Rockpile.

    Much of the action is up on or very near the surface now, so the surface iron or the fly lined sardine/mackerel is working best. Most of the yellows are under 20-pounds with the average fish in the 12-pound class.

    Barracuda are around now, too. They can be found mainly at the Rockpile but there are some at South Kelp and the Ribbon Kelp. They are mixed in size with the Rockpile turning out some real stove pipes in the 8- to 12-pound class. Smaller grade up 7-pound ‘barries’ are at the Ribbon and South Kelp spots.

    The sea lion issue is crazy! Fishing anywhere near South Island is becoming nearly impossible. The dogs are following the boats and taking nearly every hooked fish! …Fishdope.com



    I had a great trip with Wahoo Sport fishing. We started at 6:30 a.m. with one used Sabiki rig . . . but that is all we needed. We baited up in 20 minutes with 30 nice mack’s. Weather was beautiful no wind and almost flat conditions. …Lalo


    Lots of yellowtail around right now. Big breezing schools of them are spread from Salsipuedes south to Punta Banda. The trick is to maneuver the boat in front of the moving schools and then throw surface iron at them. …Fishdope.com

    Isolete / San Jose
    More of the same as at Ensenada -- big breezing schools of 12- to 20-pound yellowtail! Most of the action is coming on San Diego-based sport boats. They are fishing this location now that Colonet has turned sour
    -- south of Ensenada. …Fish Dope.com

    San Martin

    Dead flat calm weather is bringing out big spots of breezing 15- to 20-pound yellowtail; this is the story right now. The fish are up on the 240, the 15 and the Breakers. Surface iron is the way to go for these fish. The kelp beds at San Martin Island are gone but the calico bass and barracuda are reported to be biting full speed anyway.

    San Quintín


    Fished with Jo Barcimo from Corona and Richard “Cass” Castaneda -- tails were breezing on the krill. We went 7 for 10! Great action on the run and gun -- then fished the bottom stuff for some nice reds and lings. …Captain Juan Cook



    Today at K&M, We had all the Parker's out . . . very good weather and fishing. After making bait, Capt George found breezing schools of yellowtail around high spots; the guys used surface iron and plugs. Also lots of big red rockcod on live mack’s. Captain Kelly Catian

    San Felipe

    No Report.

    Bahia de Los Angeles

    Travis just returned; the wind laid down Monday and we caught a bunch of yellows.


    Gonzaga Bay


    We drove about five-hours south from the Calexico crossing. The crossing was smooth (at sunrise). Although a crossing agent informed us that importing gasoline is illegal (but didn't take our four 5-gallon jugs out of our boat) and that visitors are only allowed four rods each (we had double that)! His warning seemed stern but nothing came of it. Our drivewas excellent, though the section between San Felipe and Puertecitos was pot-holed and slowed us down.


    Cedros Island

    No Report.

    Bahía Ascensión


    This is off season here but there are still yellowtail around. Got limits of 20-pound fish three days ago. Abalone fishing starts when the swell calms down. …Shari Bondy

    La Bocana


    Happy Beer Day, My Friend! ...Juanchys Aguilar


    No Report. …Mark Burbey, Buena Ventura


    Typical catches this week with Captain "Tony:"

    An almost medium yellowtail from "sailfish" south of Punta Peric.
    .Another of the larger versions of spring-time cabrilla.

    The big fish hanging off the side of "Soledad," in the 40-pound range, caught on live bait on the down rigger at about 90 feet . . . circling the rock in 200-feet of water.

    Fishing pressure has settled down after the Easter holiday. Where did everybody go?
    At least I know where most of the fishing boats went today -- up north for the long run to Pulpito!

    We stayed and worked the spots that have been off and on for the past month. Punta Lobo, south to "perro" and around the corner to "sailfish" along with a few other boats all avoiding the 1 and 1/2 hour run (in good weather).

    The Pulpito boats scratched out fair catches of yellowtail and cabrilla caught mostly on live bait. Yellows averaging 20 pounds along with 8-pound cabrilla were caught at the high spot just off the southeast tip.

    In the opposite direction the report from Catalana Island has been “no yellowtail and only fair numbers of cabrilla” this week.

    The close in, go-to spots have all been pretty much ignored. Lagrimas and La Cholla cover some large acreage but this morning they were empty as far as you could see.

    The few boats working the east side of Carmen scored some pinto bass that looked close to 8 pounds. That is huge for pintos bass! We normally catch them in the 10- to 14-inch range but I saw a few double those numbers.

    The biggest fish of the week was hanging of the side of "Soledad" out near Punta Perico this afternoon. That fish was followed by another yellowtail both caught on a down rigger with live bait.

    The big boy looked forty-pounds and the little brother looking like twenty five!

    It was a slow pick with live bait, slower with dead-cut bait and almost zero on the iron.

    Lots of dolphin, sea turtles and acres of mantas with clear skies and afternoon temperatures consistently at 89 degrees. …Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    We were six anglers for six days for a total of thirty-six angler days. We took 31 yellowtail for the six days of fishing, slow by Baja standards. We fished with Jose, Manuel, Luis Torres out of Juncalito, the first family of sport fishing in the Loreto area; we have fished with them before. Our six days in order were 2, 7, 8, 4, 4, 6. Jurel respectively. The wind varied. There were no fish on the surface or even close. We caught and lost many fish in two hundred to four hundred feet of water. It was the most difficult YT fishing experiences in my sixth trip to Loreto, because of the depth of water.


    Magdalena Bay

    No report. ...Bob Hoyt

    La Paz


    Randy tagged the first rooster fish of the year today! Thanks to Gary C Graham for being the Baja supporter for Grays for providing the tag program.


    Jasmine, from Washington, poses with her big roosterfish just outside of Bahia de los Muertos where she was fishing with Captain Victor. The fish was released.


    Anniversary sierra for Ann Armstrong from Seattle! This ended up as ceviche at the Tailhunter Restaurant. …Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter

    East Cape



    Roosters crow with recent Baja on the Fly group hosted by Pudge Kleinkauf, Women's Flyfishing® visiting Rancho Leonero. …Matt Clifton


    Got dinner? "Rude Baby 1" …Anibal Miranda, Van Wormer Resorts


    There is only one way to describe last week: Odd! We had a mixed bag of conditions … a little wind, a few overcast and some beautiful days. All of this was reflected in the bite, with some good and some indifferent days. Good bait was consistent and available with plenty of mackerel and caballito; some days the caballito were a little on the large side. …Gary Barnes Webb


    San José del Cabo


    Took my wife out for her first saltwater fishing trip. Met Cuyuyo at the ramp @ 6:30 a.m.. Bought three caballito and a couple of ballyhoo. We never used the ballyhoo though. Headed towards Punta Pescadero. I used my biggest jig, a chartreuse White Williamson, 4-ounce, and had zero luck . . . Israel jigged a flat fall. Wife jigged for a minute but got bored fast. I cut off her jig and put on a big lead with a 1/0 circle hook and baited with some squid I bought in San Jose del Cabo. As soon as it hit bottom, she hooked a monster trigger.


    The fishing grounds straight out from Puerto Los Cabos Marina, from 3 to 4 miles from shore, are holding concentrations of baitfish, namely sardineta, this has attracted good numbers of striped marlin and fleets from as far as Cabo San Lucas are all now working these grounds, common to see over fifty charter boats on the spot. The main technique anglers are having success on is by drift fishing and soaking baits such as caballito, cocinero or sardineta at various depths. The striped marlin are now averaging in the 90 to 130 lb. range, many charters are accounted for one, two or three billfish per morning. This area is within very easy range for even the smallest of crafts, you could easily catch a marlin from a kayak.

    From Punta Gorda to Vinorama there is increased wahoo activity. Apparently the combined factors of warming clear blue water, favorable moon phase and baitfish activity, these fish were more aggressive. Some charters landed as many as three wahoo, reported to lose again as many strikes. These wahoo ranged in sizes from 15-pound up to a whopping 76-pound fish landed on Friday, there was also another 65-pound wahoo reported. These fish were striking on rigged ballyhoo, sardineta and various trolling lures, Rapalas and skirted lead heads.

    We are still not seeing many dorado at all, though with the favorable conditions, these gamefish could move into local waters in greater numbers at any time. Yellowfin tuna has been very spotty, though some tuna in the 25 to 35-pound class are being found on the Iman to Vinorama grounds, in fact we did hear of one 100-pound yellowfin caught, hooked on light leader, turned into an extended battle. Anglers were fortunate to land a couple of these fish, some charters that really were lucky to be at the right spot, landed three or four of these quality yellowfin. These tuna were being hooked while drift fishing with strips of squid, lighter leaders being more successful. This has been the main technique since past October, when was the last time we had any supply of sardina.

    A few more sierra being mixed in with the counts, some of them larger than normal, hanging on the same grounds as were the wahoo. Inshore some charters reported finding roosterfish and jack crevalle, this action should become more consistent now with the warming conditions.

    The bottom action produced more trigger fish than anything else, also a mix of snapper species, cabrilla and a few amberjack. We are hoping to see more of the larger amberjack move in, it is that time of year and conditions are ripe now for this structure fishing to start being more productive for larger specimens. Finally some calmer conditions, this will open up quite a few more options…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

    Los Cabos

    Great day fishing for Joseph and Robin from Avon, Colorado. They caught 8 yellowfin tunas (10-, 15-, 20-, and 22-pounds) at San Jaime spot. …Pisces Sportfishing

    The striped marlin counts are still holding at about a 25% average catch rate for the fleet.

    Cabo Climate: Air temps varied from 71 nights to 84 daytime highs and a 54 % humidity level and with exception to Saturday's couple of high passing clouds, the week was sunny, warm and clear days. Near picture perfect for fishing.

    Sea Conditions: On the Pacific side, from the Finger Bank to San Cristobal was all at 71-72.5 degrees. San Cristobal southerly to the 1,000 curve and around to Los Frailes, was all in the 75-76 degree ranges. Surface breezes were flowing in from the westerly directions from nearly calm mornings to about 13 mph in early afternoons.

    Best Fishing Areas: Ranged from the Cabo Falso Light House area to Chileno and outside to the 95 fathom spot.

    Best Lure/Bait: About a 50-50 for the billfish between rigged ballyhoo baits and artificials.

    Live Bait Supply: Difficult for the past few days with almost no caballito live bait available and attributable to the bright moon conditions from the full moon on Friday, April 22nd…Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters.
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