Offshore Spring Break 3/4 Day TUNA Trip on the San Diego 3/29



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Sep 19, 2013
San Ysidro CA
So I've been home for springbreak since last Thursday.

I missed Fred Hall for a couple of reasons, but I still wanted to get some boat fishing done while I was home.

The counts for the 3/4 day boats seemed decent over the weekend but the seas seemed nasty and I decided to go Wednesday as the seas looked the calmest then.

I honestly just wanted to hook some firecrackers on my bass rod but I got something even better.

We picked up some ok looking dines and left Mission Bay around 6 am. Load was light compared to when I was on the boat in September and found myself in a wide open YFT bite with 54 other people. Plan was to hit kelp paddies for YT while keeping an eye out for BFT. We headed southwest to about 30 miles out, past the islands. Once at the fishing grounds we found a paddy holding some YT from which I was able to pull off two like these:


Cool that I have caught a YT on a bass rod, now I want to catch a better YT on the bass rod haha.

After that we searched around for more paddies or BFT, and found a paddy from which we got a small 20lb or so BFT, first BFT of the year for the San Diego. Then the captain said he saw some open water fish which he at first thought was more YT but as we approached it turned out to be BFT working under some birds.

A kid hooked one up on a bass rod, and I quickly went from my bass rod to my 20# rig with much more line.

We managed to hook a couple more, and after noticing that if I'd cast a butt hook dine off the bow it would probably swim up to were the fish were boiling (which was kinda far) I decided to throw an ok dine I got off the bow.

The dine went for a long soak and steadily pulling line. Then I got the bump followed by the quick stripping of line off the reel. Put the reel and gear and it was game on. This was a 30lb class BFT on 20# mono. The fish kept taking me up and down the rail, were I hoped that I would not get into any bad tangles as there seemed to be some other guys who weren't used to fishing offshore.

After many of this trips I was getting tired, these fish definitely do not fight like YFT, the fish would take small runs, go up, go down, eventually I was exhausted but I had the fish at the corner. I couldn't pull with my left arm no more so I got on my knee and started using the rail. With help from the deckhands we got the fish to color and when we needed one last pull to get the fish to gaff I stood up and pulled and got the Tuna, in March:


I was excited, shaking and tired and could barely hold the fish up. Captain said about 30lb class fish, my first BFT after I failed to nail one over at SCI last August. Oh and btw some of the other fish hooked and landed went into the 50# class.

I was done for that stop, and after we got our last fish and it seemed clear that the fish weren't biting we moved on.

We chased some breezers but nothing wanted to play, then we went for a very large breezer school. We chummed it up and these were some LARGE BFT. I saw one jump 3 ft in the air and that thing was at least 100lbs. We hooked abotu 7 but for a variety of reasons we lost all of them, and they were all nice fish.

Here's a pic of the other fish, mine is the second up top from the left:


The boat started going back home and we managed a couple more YT off some paddies on the way back. I am STOKED to have caught my first BFT, made my springbreak and makes me excited to come back once I graduate in June. Need to hit the weights tho, these fish are real tough and I clearly need more strength haha.
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Mar 2, 2003
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Thanks for the report. Now you got something to talk about until summer! Some of those on deck got some size to them. At first I thought yours was way smaller than 30# but looks like your a pretty big dude, nice Fish! Congrats!!!
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May 14, 2009
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Cool. Nice report and photos, enough to get us by till it goes full tilt. But now the real fun begins: Taking side bets on who is top 3/4 boat in SD this season. Love Booger's ride and crew, fished it for years but my money is on Taro's crew and the Liberty...
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Jun 19, 2009
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Congrats on the fish.But really? A 30 lb BFT kicked your butt? Definitely need to hit the weights. I did see a red crab swimming by a dock in Newport Harbor this week. We all know what likes to eat them.
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May 4, 2004
santee ca.
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3/4 day boats catching BF in March...and even paddy YT too?
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Jul 22, 2013
Menifee, CA
very cool Bro!
you had me laughing a bit. :-)
you just need to catch more BFT, not hit the weights:cheers:
Thanks for the re[port,
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