Sportie report-rare good behavior?


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Jul 24, 2017
San Diego, Calif
Joseph Gratteau
Valco Westcoaster
Went out overnight on the Producer, ended up at the same spots as the rest of the fleet-302-226. Tried glow-in-the dark flatfalls from 2:30 am-4 am, no luck. Big Mako 300lb+ came thru attracted to the light. Caught 2 YFT 15+ to 20 lbs lbs on bait before 6 am, picked away for 5 YFT total. Handed off 3 fish to some kids fishing as well. Windy at night, calmed down as the day progressed. Small bait, 4" dinos. Had to use tiny Gam wire circle hooks, (straightened and broke them) could not get bit on anything else, even Owner flyliners! Used 20 lb Fluro, I even tried 15 lb. Got a 42 Lb BFT at the end of the day, last stop, last 5 minutes on the 226. Got it in in 30 minutes 20 lb line, with those thin wire Gam hooks! The crew was kind of over-dramatic "instructing" me on every aspect of how to get the fish in. A little over done, IMO. We ended up with 70 YFT, and 3-4 BFT, 1 dorado. A marlin was hooked on bait at the 226, did a nice dance and broke off! We did have a PB drive right into the chum line, maybe 50-60 feet off the stern, which shut the bite down for a while. The Captain Frank Sr. did not flip out and throw jigs, or act out! (the PB was well within range, photo does not show how close he started out) Very professional, glad to see- I did not know what to expect. Even the crew were mello about it. The idiot went on to drive in a circle around the boat before leaving. No boat name visible. Good trip, not usually a sportie guy!

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Aug 24, 2017
San Diego, CA
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Congrats, bro. You got a picture of those thin wire circle hooks? Might try them next time the bit gets super picky.