Spooling Denser & Smaller Diameter Fluoro Over Mono!

Scuba Chris

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  • May 17, 2016
    Kapolei, HI
    Christopher Takahashi
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    Christina Ann
    There's A Plethora Of Information That I'm Covering In This Video!

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    For years i've used 6lb monofilament for light & medium light applications. If you know how to play the fish correctly & have the yardage to tire it out it really could be quite fun! But recently i've been shoreline jigging and snagging debris floating & submerged has been taking its toll as i can't "power" it out.

    I was going to use 10lb monofilament but because it stretches i still won't be able to power my line back. The average 10lb mono has a line diameter of 0.30mm. Low & behold my fluoro of 15lb test has a much higher max rating but also that same line diameter. Fluoro won't stretch as mono as it's denser but the hook-set should be easier. Also the "give" will be provided by the rod & the reel's drag setting. And i'll be using line 50% stronger than what i was using before.

    Ok, fluoro cost a little more but i'm going to try it. Fluoro will sink faster than mono as well so less weight is needed so dropping my jigs from 20g to 15g should compensate. I lost 2 $15 jigs this past week. Having stronger line may help prevent future losses. Fishing is experimentation in the largest laboratory on Earth. I also spool my own rigs & have most strengths of line in mono & braid, but limited in fluoro.

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