Splash well woes


Sep 23, 2017
My 01 Cape Craft CC splash well leaks and I need some suggestions. First off my deck is treated and painted wood and so is the splash well. I knew that the hatch always leaked since ive owned it and decided this winter to replace the current 8" round pry off hatch. After research on here I ordered the best which is the Armstrong Watertight deck hatch. Went about removing old plastic hatch and noticed that the idiot who cut the whole out must have been hung over at the factory and the cut out is not an exact circle and one of the screw down locations was barely biting any wood and 2 two others barely were on. The Armstrong will not work because of it is designed for fiberglass and my deck is 1.5" thick wood and the clamp cant grab under. Also the fat rubber seal is designed for glass smooth surface and mine is textured from the deck paint (i.e. awlgrip)

So I tried 2 different sized round deck hatches and none were large enough to fit as it should in the hole. I tried anyways to fill in the gap with a ton of 5200 under the hatch install and failed the test after I let dry for 2 weeks. I dont mind going with a rectangular hatch and make a new cutout but I've yet to find one that is water tight. If you know of a manufacture that sells a small hatch say 12x12 or 12x14 water tight please let me know.

I am thinking of cutting a piece of 12"x48" 1/2" High Density Polyethlyne sheet I have for another project cut say a 12x12 piece. Cleaning the area around the current round hole and screwing down the HPDE with 5200 to seal underneath and of course a bead around the 12x12. Next cut a new hole to the exact size of 8" hatch and go from there. Is this a valid fix or not? I actually got the idea from a different forum. I appreciate any suggestions.
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Pics would help,

But no need for HDPE, plus 5200 wont like it IIRC.
If its a round hole you want to cover then make a disc (actually a donut) instead of a square. I would use a piece of ply well covered by epoxy and call it good. But coosa board would work better at resisting rot.

How big is the current hole? Beckson has a 10 inch deck plate with an 8.5 inch cutout Defender.com for around 30 bucks
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