Inshore SPJ grocery run to Cat. 5/13

Capt. Condor

Oct 27, 2012
Los Angeles
Connor Doyle
Skipjack 25 Sports Cruiser
Had a old buddy come out from Chicago for a visit, he wanted to give the new jigs a try and get out of the cold! Decided to a do a no bait SPJ only trip to cat. Ended up limiting for 3 rather quickly on only the Reaper Bomber 160g in both colors, didn't switch out a single jig all day. Doubles and triples all day then moved into avalon for a wonderful dinner and drinks at the lobster trap. Before moving into the harbor we trolled rapalas from the condos to long point and back for nada. Was hoping to get him on some surface action while he was here but no luck there. Great trip over all! The weather was so good I only wish we would of ran straight to clemente and tried to drop on a bluefin!

Cheers guys! Sorry to pics of tuna or yellowtail! hopefully soon! And thanks to everyone for ordering a couple jigs! Love getting all the fish reports from the reapers!





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