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Dec 5, 2011
Santa Monica, Ca.
Tony O'Connell
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We left with 16 of Big Jim's Bomb Squad and a load of OK mixed size sardine on board. Weather was great as we headed to the 13 which was biting with good school grade fish. We stopped short of limits running down to check out the 23 and then into Mag Bay to try and make macks in the dark. It was tough with the bright moon and as a result 2 days on the lower banks in 79 degree water were a bust with very little sign. Headed to the Rocks we found a jumbo kelp at 3 pm and took 52 very good grade hoo off it by dark. For the size of fish and intensity of the bite it was the best I have ever experienced. The crew did a great job as always. We went out to join the Star who had already been fishing the Rocks to continue our quest for hoo. Matt Salas was on board and his heavy chrome 7X JR was the hot jig along with green or pink bombs. Bait was also very effective after troll stops and the sharks were not really a problem in the 72 degree water, a big improvement over the summer trips. Yellow fishing on the coast coming up was nice grade but slow. We ended up with 93 hoo, 139 yft, 42 yt, as well as some tan grouper and mahi. We are all sold on the limited load trips. Even the drive back up to L.A. Weds. morning was good and I was above LAX by 9 am.

New owners Andrea and Evan Kraft would like to create an updated email contact list to help fill last minute openings on charters and in case they are able to schedule some open party bluefin trips before the start of the regular charter season (every other boat is booked solid). If you have ever ridden the boat in the past or have any desire to do so in the future please go to https://www.soasportfishing.com and fill out the contact information page. Thanks, T


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    Great SoA report and info. Nice load of Hoo's.
    This time of year always can be on or off. LOL
    Sounds like you had a decent trip everyone!
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