Spirit 4 day

Dec 5, 2011
Santa Monica, Ca.
Tony O'Connell
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Just returned from a limited load Big Jim trip on the Spirit. Great overcast weather, good bait, but tough fishing on school grade fish with 25# FC and a small hook. A handful of better fish on 80# sinker rigs and a 160 on the kite. Not a single fish was caught on a flat fall in 4 days. Only 1 on a sniper because I ran a $1 pool to encourage their use. Good group of guys with a light load was great as was the crew effort. There are plenty of fish out there but there is constant pressure on those at 20-30 miles while schools further away might be more willing to bite. We will give them a look when we leave again on the 22nd 7 day and hope to back up the tuna with some of the great yellowtail bite that has been happening down below. 2 spots still left. T
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  • Aug 11, 2006
    Costa Mesa
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    Great report and intel....and bluefin being bluefin under 50 boats
    on a Holiday weekend too no bonus for the bite. Geez
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