Southern Baja fishing report

Feb 10, 2022
Los Barriles and La Ventana
Felipe Valdez
Boat Name
Everglades 223CC
Hi guys,
I wanted to share the pictures of this past weekend. Because this is my last report before heading north to the PCS Show this week. I fished La Paz with some friends and we landed 4 YTs, all good size. Then Valentin, my friend who runs the panga from our resort, landed 2, lost one at the gaff, and lost 1 to one sealion. But Manuel, my other team mate back in Buenavista, took some clients to San Evaristo and those guys nailed. They got about 30 YTs the first day and the second decided to go somewhere trying to get some other species, and found a school of almaco jacks plus other things (obviously not everything got killed before someone start complaining).

My friends from Baja Rancheros also got several YTs this weekend, up to 8 per boat saturday and up to 4 per boat on sunday. We are having a very good fishing season down here, its all fun days in the water!

If many of you haven´t heard about San Evaristo and would like to know more about it, come to the show look for me, I´ll show pictures of the place and explain what is all about, its such an amazing place and I can help out to organize a trip there.

Bottom line the Baja still has one of the best fisheries in the world, period!!! With our flaws and unconscious people but there are still many of us who care and try to work it out and more important with lots of fish to caught, if you know how, with who, where and when to go!

See you at the show amigos, I´ll be at the Buenavista Resort or Marlini Capital booth.
Felipe Valdez






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