Inshore South of Dana Point 7/9


Sep 8, 2006
san clemente
Boat Name
1982 Glastron SeaFury216 “Elizabeth”
Short report, nothing special, left the harbor around 9:45am with chovie dean mix. Tide wasn’t right for the reef so drove way wide on our way south, trolling from the barber poles south to 1,000ft+. Birds were around and acting funny but no sign of fish. Bent back inside around 12:30 since the tide was shifting. Took a little while for the tide to fill in enough to get the bass going but once they turned on it was wide open, about the same time the wind picked up and after an hour of all you wanted short calico and sandbass we decided to leave them biting and start the slow ride home. 1.5 hours later(trolling all the way cus y not when your going 8kts) back at the dock at 3:30. Probably not going to do that again anytime soon.
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