South La Jolla 1/5/20

Jan 7, 2020
San Diego
Fished La Jolla Sunday on my buddy’s boat the cop out. Launched out of mission bay around 5:45 picked up some nice 4-5 Inch sardines at the bait barge. We got up to the southern end of La Jolla around 7:30 after making a few mackerel in the bay. Water temp was around 59 degrees once in our targeted zone. We Immediately started marking fish and schools of bait. Fish were marked down around the bottom from 150 feet of water up to 100. We also noticed lots of life we saw dolphins we saw a couple whales and we saw a lot of birds. So we stayed in that area fished the yo-yo jig dropper loop mackerel and flyline sardines to no avail. Around 9:30 AM when the fog finally burned off most of the boats in the area headed north but with such good marks we decided to stick it out. Good thing we did we had a massive school of yellowtail blowup about 50 yards off our Bow all alone. This was by far our best Opportunity for the day the birds and even dolphin joined the feeding frenzy myself sean and Carlos Tripled up on the surface iron. Color didn’t matter because the spot a fish was eating the paint off the boat. After landing all three of the fish hooked we hopscotched a few more bird schools as the crowd caught on to what was happening we hooked two more and landed oneThe fish quickly got very skittish. Right place at the right time not bad for January and good grade the yellow tail we’re ranging 22-26 lbs. back to the dock by 12:30 Home to watch football. With black and yellow tail for dinner.

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