Inshore South 9 Mile Bank 10/27: Big East Wind


Halibut Howie

1987 Cabo 216
May 22, 2003
San Diego
Halibut Howie
1987 Cabo 216/F150 "Have Not Blown-up Yet!"
Yesterday, Tuesday, was my daughters day off. She has been bugging me for weeks to take her and my 1st mate out fishing. I've been fishing by myself 2-3 times a week for weeks. Initially the weather, winds, did not look good but by evening died down a bit. Ok girls "it's on". San Diego Bay is beautiful in the morning. No wind. Get outside the bay a mile or so and the east wind really picked up to the point that it had it's own 4' swells with some white caps. WTF! So we quartered the waves south at around 200 degrees at 18 mph. Funny you could not feel the wind in your face going out like normal. It was at your back.

Get out to the fishing grounds and the opposing swells from the west and east are fighting each other. Motor to a pervious fishing hole and "spot locked" the trolling motor over it. The TM makes fishing much safer in this type of weather in that it faces the boat into the wind. Picked up a few different species of rockfish while moving around the bank. Even caught a lingcod out there for the 1st time in awhile. We only used 8oz weights, 1 to 2 hooks with 1/2 to whole squid, 9/0 Owner circle hooks, Walmart $1.44 snap on hook steel leaders, in waters between 375'-410'. When cooler was full we went home at 1100.

I always filet the fish the next morning after being on ice/water all night.

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soul troller

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Mar 14, 2004
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Nice work despite the conditions . Nice quality Reds.
I had Red Vermillion with my pasta alfredo last night.
Possibly the best tasting groundfish IMO.
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tom cindric

Jun 17, 2015
Lake elsinore
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Thanks Halibut, you are the rock fish master. I started leaving the fish on or in ice overnight and it does firm up the meat nicely. Thanks for that tip from a long time ago. I do it with YT too now and it works great. I hope I learn to catch rockfish someday on my own boat.
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